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NexStar 5 SLT or 6 SLT

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I’m attempting to get back into astronomy, previously owned a 150pl reflector but parted company with it several years ago, I like the idea of a Cassegrain style as one of the big factors Of letting the 150pl go. was storage and transportation of It! I am interested in mostly visual observations but would look to take a few pictures here and there OF planets and easy nebula/DSO., I feel that a Schmidt-Cassegrain would be the best suited, my main stumbling point is should I get the 5 or 6 version. Is the 6 under mounted? And is it worth the extra cash, obviously there’s a higher light gathering power on the 6 but would it be much better than the 5, I see that the % of lens obstruction on the seems high! As the secondary mirror looks to be the same size on both 40% vs 14%! Obstruction by area. Any guidance would be very appreciated. I’m not against the idea of upgrading the mount in the future to a eq5 maybe? But want in usable to start with.


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Just to clarify, there are now SLT and SE versions of the C5 and C6, and Astro-Fi versions.  The SLT versions are are probably under-mounted. The C6 SE has the same mount as the C8 SE.  IIRC, Bundles with the C6 go all the way up to AVX and Evolution mounts, with price tags to match.

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I had some experience with the 6 last Summer, in a reasonably, but not amazingly dark part of France (bortle 4).  I was impressed with the pointing accuracy after a 2 star alignment, but more importantly every deep object we looked at was easily visible.  Admittedly, only looking at messier objects, but even so galaxies that that I can never see from my Bootle 8 skies with a C8, were just there.  And it's lightweight.  My only criticism is that the tripod is too low.

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