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Problem with Bushnell Legacy 10x50 Binoculars


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I've recently received a pair of Bushnell 10x50 Legacy binoculars as a gift and while the image quality is generally very good, I've noticed an odd problem when looking at Venus or the Moon through the right eyepiece or through both the eyepieces together. In the case of Venus, there's a ray that emanates from it and goes at a certain, fixed angle. The ray moves in both directions depending on the movement of my binoculars and when I saw it the first time, I thought it was a shooting star. I tried rotating the binoculars and the ray's angle correspondingly moved with it; I looked at it through the right eyepiece but with my left eye this time but it was still the same. In the case of the Moon, it's a small white sphere that moves in a certain direction instead of a ray of light. Since this doesn't happen when I only look through the left eyepiece, I'm guessing there's a problem somewhere in the optics on the right-hand side of the binoculars.

Could you please help me figure out what might be causing this issue and how I can rectify it (if at all possible)?

Thank you for your help.

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sounds like some internal reflection or possibly a chip in the prism, if you look through the objective end do you get a clear image? Also try shining a torch and inspecting the internals, you should find clean smooth glass surfaces, any irregularity and that could cause an optical aberration especially viewing a bright target at night such as Venus or the moon. The first effect I'd expect to see in lower cost roof prisms but not in a porro format.

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