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  1. Well I’m afraid my mount won’t broadcast any network but the one beginning ESP... I’ve switched off the house wi fi, driven up the road out of range of any network, nothing makes any difference.. Its going back for a replacement because I’ve spent hours messing about with it. I’m pretty cross when it’s a known issue and there is a firmware update that solves the problem which should have been installed before the mounts are sent out.
  2. Thank you I’ll try that in the morning.
  3. That could be me. I’ll try it tomorrow as I’ve just got one and my iPhone can’t see any Wi-fi network at all from the mount. thanks!
  4. I can’t! Synscan wi fi is greyed out so I can’t tap it to any effect.
  5. I’ve just switched on the new mount I received today using a transformer or the right spec. The red on light flashes but my iPhone or iPad can’t connect. When I go into settings there appears to be no Wi-fi called SynScan xxxx as there should be. Am I missing something obvious?
  6. Celestron Omni XLT optical tube only for sale. 120 mm f8.3. 6 years old in good condition. Just a couple of small marks on the tube as shown in the photos. Optics are perfect with no marks except for where dew has dried which, as anyone would probably agree, doesn’t affect performance and the objective lens has not been cleaned or touched by human hand! Buyer collects: price £110, thanks
  7. Nice! I’ve seen the Ring Nebula though not in colour of course! Haven’t managed to see the Sombrero Galaxy but I’m hoping the goto will help. The Ascent weighs about 4kg and my camera is an Olympus Pen so weighs less than a typical full frame slr. The mount will be on a sturdier tripod than the one that is supplied as standard so I’m cautiously optimistic.
  8. Hi thanks. I’m hoping to get an AZ Gti Mount in the next couple of weeks together with a Starwave Ascent. I believe with a photo adapter I can put the mount on top of my CG4 Celestron tripod which is quite sturdy. Mainly for visual but I’d like to try some imaging as well and it might be an introduction. I have an xlt 120 refractor but I thought I’d upgrade. I’m already using the mount in AZ configuration as it avoids the awkwardness of a long refractor and eq mount.
  9. Do you think it would do short subs in AZ? I’ve heard it’s possible in theory and the stacking software might cope with the field rotation.
  10. I think the Celestron CG4 tripod is a bit more substantial than the EQ3 even though I believe the mount beads are the same - if you can source one.
  11. Yes but that tripod looks virtually identical to the one with my CG4 mount!
  12. As a modest upgrade I am wondering if a Skywatcher AZ Gti mount will fit on my CG4 tripod and whether that could be an easier upgrade than the EQ3 synscan upgrade. For a 100ed f7 scope, mainly visual.
  13. Is there a goto (as or eq) mount head that will fit on a CG4 tripod or a conversion kit that would work with a 100mm f7 frac? I’m presently using the mount in alt as configuration manually with a 120 f8.3
  14. Well all the comments just go to show: we can find it quite an easy split or a nightmare all dependent on the seeing!
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