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Tonights Moon (11th March)


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Thanks Jamoe, as you can see I still have no idea how to use paintshop!

The seeing is very hit and miss here in Berks. Has been for weeks, but I'm just pleased I managed to image the Moon - and also grab a quick peek at Saturn

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Hey Spud i didn't use paintshop for this.

I clicked on your image and saved image as a BMP

then i just opened it up in registax 3 and adjusted the second wavelet

up to about 7 or 8 and saved that image as a JPEG then uploaded it to

ISEE STARS then here.

Job done (but you CAN see that you had captured more info initially)

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I used to think it was a very small wave :lol:

If you use Registax on the final page you have 6 scoll bars these control the wavelets. I think the wavelets are best described as minm computer programs which alter the brightness & detail of the image pixels. The 6 wavelets work in slightly different ways so bring out slightly different bits of information.

By moving the scoll bars up & down you can bring out information that is in the image but is being 'swamped' by the other information.

I hope this gives some idea.



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Here ya go Spud, As you can see in registax the slider on the left are the Wavelets these work like an unsharp mask only better IMHO working with each 6 layers of the Image.

Alter the Red and Purple ones i have marked Spud, depending on how many stacked frames try not too over process it id guess set them to 3.4 each with your photo.

See how you get one matey.

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