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The Observing Area Build

Alan White

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Well a busy weekend replacing a failed water heater for one of my daughters now done 😁 and a little more on the Store etc. done this afternoon.


Lighting inside and outside red lights at 2w led for the pad when setting up and putting away.





Also some security bolts etc added. But not dwelling on that on a public forum.

Now off to a darkened room to lie down…


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Just a couple more images of the localised light polution 😉



Clearly the camera makes the brightness look more than it is, the outside lights are for setting up and taking down only.
The lights in the Store and the Khazi are switeched seperately, so only on as needed.
The Khazi one is dimmable, always has been and is the one used to read Star Charts etc.

That is it for now, probably the last 2023 Observing Area post from me.

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I like the lights.  Just enough to help you be able to read charts and not trip over something.  Thats the same reason we have red lights around our observation area.  Good job Alan. 

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42 minutes ago, Ags said:

It looks amazing, it must be a pleasure to use!

Thank you Agnes, yes it certainly is bringing me much pleasure, which is most welcome at the minute.

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Just got through reading the whole thread - many trials and tribulations but really great to see where you ended up! Lovely practical solution to tricky problem, and visually very appealing, Khazi included. 

One question though, does The Khazi come with slow-mos? 😂

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