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Heritage 130 finderscope?

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Hi all,

Has anybody successfully attached a finderscope to their heritage? I've bought a cheap 6x30 finderscope from Amazon which I'm looking to attach to mine. Even though it's only a cheap finderscope a quick test showed detail on a pigeon sitting on an aerial a couple of streets away so all looks well.

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I'm definitely going to attach it to the solid part of the ota but I'll have to drill through it as the base isn't flat enough to use double sided sticky tape or wide enough to use cable ties.

@Stargazer McCabe

Can you do any more mods to your heritage lol.

I'm thinking of attaching the finderscope where you have your rdf.

What kind of material have you used for your shroud?


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10 minutes ago, leo82 said:

@Mark at Beaufort

Is that an az5 mount? How does it handle the heritage?

Yes Leo its the new AZ5 mount but the tripod is a Celestron Astromaster. There is also a pillar which you can't see in the photo above. The setup handles the Heritage 130P very well which includes the slow motion controls.

I wanted a lightweight mount system and this is almost perfect for my grab and go plus outreach work that I undertake.

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1 minute ago, Stu said:

Looks great @Mark at Beaufort, which double finder bracket did you buy?

This one Stu - https://www.telescopehouse.com/accessories/finderscopes/orion-dual-finder-scope-mounting-bracket.html

This finder bracket is mainly used on my 12" Dob and supports an 80mm Finderscope plus the RDF.

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