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Downloading the Dust on the Red Planet

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Certainly my best photo of Mars this year, many details easily visible both at the wavelength of visible and in the infrared.
Vallis Marineris stands out in the center of the photo as well as several other regions around him, but what caught my attention was the presence of Olympus Mons at 10am as well as the 3 volcanoes of Tharsis a little more towards the center, they can be seen easily as terrain elevations and not simple blemishes.

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On 03/08/2018 at 06:46, Ruud said:

Oh, you set the bar very, very high with these images!


Excellent work!

This must be the goal my friend Ruud!
Thanks for the comments, in fact this photo was only possible because the storm gave a relief on this side of the planet last week.

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