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  1. That's interesting because I feel like I've had the star color issue with my ASI1600. But I guess it could be my filters.
  2. Olly- Do you have some examples of these? Just curious.
  3. Thanks My guiding is good so the stars are round at least, but they are just a bit larger than usual.
  4. This is 22.2 hours of Ha exposure of the Bubble nebula, NGC 7635. Unfortunate I seem to have an issue with my filter offsets and all the data turned out slightly out of focus It is interesting to see the structures that were accentuated by removing the stars, particularly the nebulae to the upper right of the bubble. ASI1600mm FSQ106 ZWO Ha 7nm: 200x400s exposures With stars: It's blurry, I know! Thanks for looking and clear skies!
  5. Very nice, amazing star color also
  6. You can stack in you're sleep Very nice picture btw.
  7. Thanks everyone! Thanks. The Ha really helped for this one.
  8. Thanks Sara, I'm glad you like it. Yes, it really does. The center is really interesting...
  9. Here is about 44 hours of data on the Wizard nebula. A LOT of processing went into this image. It was difficult to get the traditional orange/ blue palette since the S and O data was so dim compared to the Ha. I finally settled on the starless image, as it brought out the dimmer nebulae in the background. ASI1600mm FSQ 160 H: 100x400s O, S: 150x300s each Total~44 hours Thanks for looking, questions/ comments welcome!
  10. I added Ha to my previous M33 image and reprocessed. I'm quite happy with the improvement so far: RGBL: 50x300s each Ha: 25x400s Asi1600mm FSQ106 Thanks for looking, questions comments always welcome!
  11. Beautify processed image! I really like the star field. I believe that this image is a bit deeper...
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