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  1. What an amazing night at Death Valley! Although there was a light dome from Las Vegas, the stars were still brighter. Taken with a Canon 7d MKII and Tokina ATX 116 @ 11mm f2.8. 2 panel panorama with 45 second exposures. Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop Thanks for looking.
  2. Taken at Death Valley 12/28/18. Thin cloud made an interesting effect and helped bring out the constilations. Taken with a Canon 7d MKII + Tokina ATX 116 @ 11mm f2.8. 30 sec exposure. Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.
  3. I'm thinking about getting a camera to replace the Canon 7d Mk II for milky way photos. Oviously the nikon is better, but is it worth the extra cost? And would either of them be a large improvement to an unmodified 7d Mk II? Thanks
  4. Does processing them on a computer I got from Christmas count?
  5. HunterHarling

    Taurus & Auriga border

    This is amazing
  6. HunterHarling

    A Christmas M45

    Great image. You must have endless clear skys. Even here in California it has been too cloudy for imaging in weeks.
  7. YES. Congrats to winners, very hard subject.
  8. HunterHarling

    Dusty Taurus

    Look at the individual subs. It might be an asteroid that didn't get rejected all the way. Really great image BTW.
  9. HunterHarling

    First mosaic- Sadr region

    Thanks. I didn't have enough overlap between two of the panels, that's probably what caused the artifacts. Thanks.
  10. HunterHarling

    The Iris in RGB

    Interesting, what did you use to calculate this?
  11. HunterHarling

    The Iris in RGB

    Excellent image. Especially for such a hard target.
  12. HunterHarling

    First mosaic- Sadr region

    Thanks. Thanks!
  13. HunterHarling

    First mosaic- Sadr region

    2×2 panels, 4 hours of exposure per panel. For this I used the c8 with hyperstar and the ASI. This is my first mosaic, and it took lots of bashing in PS. Tell my what you think, but all things considered, I think it's decent for my first mosaic. Thanks for looking Hunter
  14. HunterHarling

    Andromeda Galaxy (Added HA)

    I had time to add a few hours of Hydrogen. Questions and comments much appreciated. Thanks for looking.

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