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  1. Although it's still May... but I see what you mean. A 50 frame pano is NO fun.
  2. Very nice. Why is it your last time to get the arch?
  3. Congrats to all the winners! I especially like the time lapse by Paul.
  4. Thanks! Thanks, I'm shooting from Valley Center. Thanks Olly!
  5. I didn't really notice the stars, but as an afterthought they do look a bit annoying.
  6. This image contains 6.3 hours of L and 3.75 hours of RGB. My usual setup, C8 EDGE, Asi 1600mm filters. L: 76*300s R: 15*300s G: 15*300s B: 15*300s And the L image: Thanks for looking!
  7. As I don't usually image the moon, I am quite happy with the result. Please view the full resolution link because the image loses detail when uploaded. https://www.astrobin.com/full/401852/0/?nc=user
  8. You sold your tak?? What replaced it?
  9. Except the tec 140 is over twice the price of the TS refractor. I would go with the refractor though.
  10. Thanks! Quite possibly. Although I'm not to sure about my framing. I believe the bright spots are just overexposed craters, although they might have become worse with sharpening.
  11. As a deep sky photographer I have hardly photographed the moon, and I have no idea what is a considered a good image so I would appreciate some insight on my image. I have a link because SGL kills the detail for some reason? https://www.astrobin.com/full/401852/0/?nc=user
  12. Very nice. There is a gradient in the background that looks a little like ifn.
  13. Very nice. How late did you have to stay up for this one?? Jupiter rises around 2am here.
  14. Yes, it would be nice if we could have a galaxy challenge, summer milky way challenge, and some form of nebula challenge every year.
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