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  1. HunterHarling

    Dusty Taurus

    Look at the individual subs. It might be an asteroid that didn't get rejected all the way. Really great image BTW.
  2. HunterHarling

    First mosaic- Sadr region

    Thanks. I didn't have enough overlap between two of the panels, that's probably what caused the artifacts. Thanks.
  3. HunterHarling

    The Iris in RGB

    Interesting, what did you use to calculate this?
  4. HunterHarling

    The Iris in RGB

    Excellent image. Especially for such a hard target.
  5. HunterHarling

    First mosaic- Sadr region

    Thanks. Thanks!
  6. HunterHarling

    First mosaic- Sadr region

    2×2 panels, 4 hours of exposure per panel. For this I used the c8 with hyperstar and the ASI. This is my first mosaic, and it took lots of bashing in PS. Tell my what you think, but all things considered, I think it's decent for my first mosaic. Thanks for looking Hunter
  7. HunterHarling

    Andromeda Galaxy (Added HA)

    I had time to add a few hours of Hydrogen. Questions and comments much appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  8. HunterHarling

    Perseus Molecular Cloud

    Interesting. If you had used 300s exposures, would they have been swamped with light pollution? My 300s with hyperstar are pretty bad.
  9. HunterHarling

    Perseus Molecular Cloud

    Great image. You must have a very high quality sky to capture this so well. I don't believe I could do this target justice from my orange/yellow sky.
  10. That's good. I was wondering, could you see the color of the aurora with your own eyes? Probably not but it would be awesome if you could.
  11. HunterHarling

    Focus pre and post slew

    The cone is my favorite. Both are great though.
  12. HunterHarling

    The Great Andromeda Galaxy

    Right, I forgot about that. Thanks. I believe this is mostly due to my autofocuser. It's much more precise than simply focusing by hand.
  13. HunterHarling

    Oh God is this the Future?

    If our population allows this to happen, I will lose all faith in the intelligence of our species. Both the loss of dark skys and effect on wildlife would be horrifying. Let's hope it falls through...
  14. What a beautiful image. It could be an APOD. How awful to lose such great equipment. Hopefully the lense is recoverable?
  15. HunterHarling

    The Great Andromeda Galaxy

    Thanks. Thanks, I don't usually have great star color, so I'm quite happy with it this time. Thanks.

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