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  1. I think that's a great image! I agree with Vlad though about stretching, you could try some star reduction also. If you reduce the stars, the nebulosity might become more visible. You could always add exposure too
  2. Pretty much To my credit though, I had originally gotten the C8 for observing, but I quickly became interested in imaging.
  3. I started with an SCT at 2000mm, and I must say it was difficult ;) I think either of those scopes would be great, you should be able to get excellent images with those short focal lengths.
  4. Those are great images, I love the size and color of the stars! Is your DSLR modified with a cooler? It's too hot here to image with my DSLR in the summer
  5. I replaced the fan and it is working excellently:) Now I can finish some projects. Here is the Amazon link to it in case anyone in the future needs it (I found this link in a Cloudynights post and it's the one I ordered). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0745TJ2ND/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A33IF09R37PZ23&psc=1 It is the correct fan for ASI1600mm-Pro.
  6. Thanks everyone! I've inspected it and I believe this is the case. It has the specs on it so hopefully I'll be able to get it from Amazon. I was hoping this was it, but mine still moves, so it's likely dead.
  7. So last week I noticed that my ASI1600 mm pro's fan has stopped. The odd thing is that it still cools, just not as well as it used to (it can get about 17deg below ambient). I feel like it is a software issue as it doesn't seem to be damaged, but I've tried a couple things like restarting the computer and nothing has helped. I'm using SGP for capture. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks, "Galaxy Showroom" about sums it up!
  9. Thanks, this target does require a lot of exposure!
  10. I found this target to be quite unique, with and elliptical, spiral, and edge-on galaxy all in one FOV. They were very dim though and my data didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. ASI1600 Edge HD800 LRGB: 600s exposures, 48 for L and 24 each RGB Thanks for looking, questions/ critique welcome as always.
  11. I think it looks pretty good. Interesting description Olly😁
  12. To be honest, I dropped 34 hours of exposure in m101 with my Edge scope a few years ago and it looked worse than your image. I blame the target and if I were you I'd image some other galaxy with your time, m101 has a very low surface brightness. Markarian's chain might be a good target for your scope btw:)
  13. Rodd, this is my attempt at your image. Nice data btw! DBE on all channels linear fit RGB combination with LRGB (l unchecked) Ha addition with pixlemath Photometric color calibration Histogram transformation on rgb and l LRGB combination masks+curves
  14. From looking at your graph, I believe that this is due to #1 your ra and Dec aggression and #2 your min motion settings. Run the guiding and lower the aggression till the curve has no sudden spikes. Also, based on your arc seconds per pixel I'd lower the min motion to 0.05 because the star is moving too much before it can make a correction. Have you had any luck so far? Hope this helps.
  15. First off, it's been a VERY long time since I had guiding issues, I usually get less than .5 rms guiding so it having issues now is very strange. Also, I'm using an EQ6 atlas mount with phd, SGP, loadstar, Edge hd, and OAG So every now and then, the mount will absolutely "gun it" while guiding and send the guide star far out of the guiding box. I have no idea what is causing this, it will be going perfectly fine and then do this out of the blue... I've also confirmed it's not the dither or cable snags doing it. So what do you think it could be?? Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. I'd decrease the brightness on m82 to let some details through and drop the black point a bit though. Nice image though!
  17. Posting the flat would be helpful. Also, are you calibrating both the flat and light with darks? I ran into lots of issues when I didnt.
  18. That is so true. I've had the weather report clear skies and it be totally cloudy:(
  19. I'm curious why the primary actually needed cleaning, considering that it has a glass corrector in front. My C8's primary is still virtually spotless after a few years of having it.
  20. I found some dim galaxies in this field with Wikisky and annotated them in Pixinsight: The dimmest one that it gave a catalog number for was magnitude 18.65! And there are much dimmer ones visible...
  21. Nice. I like the color of the OIII, it looks better than ones that are more blue (imo).
  22. Hello SyedT, I had a go at noise reduction in your image (ADCNR, etc. Also some curves) and it certainly has a LOT of potential. I believe the fast majority of noise was color noise and it would be improved very much with more RGB exposure. Btw, did you try SCNR before or after stretching?
  23. Thanks. I do think it might be worth it. I think I'm satisfied with the amount I capture with purely LRGB, but there's sure to be more.
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