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So as per the title it's a hello again!

Apologies I've been gone a while (2yrs) due to work commitments and moving home. 

After visits to the Kennedy Space Centre this summer and having just returned from the National Space Centre in Leicester (kids sleepover party), I dusted off my trusty little Dob and managed to get some fantastic views of Saturn for the family and even watched the ISS go by. 

Astro fun reinvigorated, clear skies fellow loungers. 

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1 hour ago, Victor Boesen said:

Welcome back! Must be fun to look through a telescope again after such a long time!

Indeed it was. A quick realignment of the RDF and all good again.

That being said I'd love to not have to do the "nudge" and would like a tracking setup. 

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Welcome back from land down under

Know all about the nudge when using dob

Club belong to goes into schools, as well as space badge scout/guide movement, and when have 20+ kids lined up to view Saturn and Jupiter, have to keep checking scope alignment with nudge after every couple of kids been through

Have a ED80 on EQ5 mounts, and takes about 30 minutes to do 2 star polar alignment, inn mean time have 20+ 5yo's lined up to observe above us, and the dob is quicker setting up, as 5yo's do become impatient

Glad you able to enjoy with your family and friends



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