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First close up animation of AR12671 over 3 hours approx

Tyson M

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Hello, after a considerable amount of work, I am finally ready to present two animations I took a ton of data from clear skies on Saturday. These are my first close up animations.


Due to rotation from poor polar alignment and clouds (even after running the video through PIPP), I had alignment issues so I had to separate them.


Hope you enjoy. I always like seeing the sun in motion.  


Images were from 11:45am to 1445pm approx. With some cloud interfering after 1300.


 No flats either hence the Newtonian rings. I may have one more short animation to post soon still, which I will update this post with a new comment. 


These are both about 20 frames each, and will have another one for about 7-8 frames.


Thanks for looking







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This is the last animation of the huge data pile I gathered. 9 frames.


I have been working on the images and animations for several hours each day since Sat. So glad to be done to be honest.


Approx 50 movies in total: AS!3 (35% of 1700 frames typically), ImPPG, to GIMP each one (sometimes PIPP), then the bulk went back into ImPPG to align, and the ones that worked (tedious trial by error with rotation) went back into GIMP to make a movie.




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I am going to try cropping manually the last animation a bit.

The problem of alignment is worse when you start manually cropping, as I found out the long hard way two days ago.

ImPPG aligns them but you get wonky results that clip the areas you're trying to frame.  I figure it needs as much sensor space as possible. 

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