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ST80! Saturn 5th July


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So I had another go at Saturn with my ST80 now that it's getting a bit more sociable!
I was set up on my Synscan SW AZ Goto, with 2x Barlow and captured 2315 frames using my NexImage 5. Followed by Registax stacking 60% of the frames.

Quite happy with my results so far - yet to post process with  Gimp (maybe a job for the weekend)


Comments/tips welcome - thanks for viewing
cheers Dave


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How do we make that T-shirt happen? I want One!

As for the Neximage 5 camera - I can honestly say it's been quite easy to pick up (a little help from some YouTube videos). All you need is a laptop and you're away!

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On 07/07/2017 at 08:50, Knighty2112 said:

 Nice result. Was looking at maybe getting a Neximage 5 so nice to see what kind of results you can get. Well done! :) 

Hi the Neximage 5 camera I bought was second hand and has been really good fun to play with. It's definatley opened up another new chapter to my Astro hobby!

would definitely recommend! 

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