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NGC-2997 Spiral Galaxy


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Here we have NGC2997, a Magnitude 10 face on spiral galaxy approx 9x7 arcmins in size and 25 Million Light years from my place. 
According to Wiki, NGC2997 is particularly notable for a nucleus surrounded by a chain of hot giant clouds of ionized hydrogen.

Taken with my 8in F5 scope on a Mesu200 , and a QHY12 colour camera, approx 11 hours of exposure time spread over 3 nights.


NGC2997_43x900sec resize.jpg

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Great capture with wonderful detail in the arms - I particularly like the way you have managed to bring out the small nebulous regions.

The colour balance is perhaps a little off to my eyes though ...

IMG_0714.JPG.a07844f298eca1d97f291ad0ac60ac15.JPG  ->  IMG_0715.JPG.d4234f22b002f1fdf531239a282ab0a6.JPG

I hope you don't mind, the above is a quick tweak with a warmth and tint sliders on my IPAD - still not quite there but just an idea of what it might look like a bit warmer / less cyan.

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