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"Mission Control : The Unsung Heroes Of Apollo"

Steve Ward

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When you consider the complexity of the mission, the astronauts were pretty much along for the ride - brave that they were.  The complexity behind the scenes was astonishing.  Just think of all the telemetry alone that they viewed in real time to check on the spacecraft systems.

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Don't kid yourselves fellas.  It's the man in the plan that counts.  You can throw billions at it, invent the best technology and war game it to oblivion, but if the man at the tip of the spear screws the pooch all the rest means ZERO!???

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1 hour ago, Steve Ward said:

New documentary movie starring the Mission Control team , Christopher C. Craft , Gene Krantz , etc.

An updated version of "Failure is not an option" if you like but very well made , great to see the guys today.


Thanks Steve, loved the book so will enjoy this.

Ultimately controllers, engineers, astronauts, the whole team are what made it as success. Bold decision makers, incredibly clever (and young!) engineers and scientists plus of course very brave  and intelligent astronauts; they all helped the missions to succeed. There were times when actions taken by astronauts saved missions, such as when Armstrong recovered his spinning craft by being cool under very tough circumstances.

Great stuff!

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