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  1. Shocking weather. Thank goodness for 6 Nations!
  2. Hi folks, I recently purchased an iOptron RC8 from FLO and it’s out of collimation. The procedure for aligning the secondary mirror was really straightforward but when I tried the primary I’m all over the place! I’m using a Cheshire EP and my intent was to get both mirrors aligned before doing a star test. Does anyone know of someone from the South Wales area that has expertise in this? I’ve followed YouTube and loads of manuals but still can’t do it.
  3. Hi, I recently upgraded my mount to the AZEQ6 Pro. When I try to use my Skywatcher GPS mouse on the SynScan handset it doesn’t recognise it. I didn’t have this problem when using the GPS mouse on my previous HEQ5 handset? Can anyone offer advice?
  4. Hi folks, I recently got hold of the new ZWO ASI 462MC Colour Imaging Camera and was testing it on Mars with my RC8 a few nights back. The RC8 focal length is 1600mm and I wanted to add my Baader 2.25x Barlow (for Zoom Hyperion) to the camera but when I did it was a complete image blackout!. To ensure the image didn't simply shift out of FoV at increased mag, I zeroed in on the centre of the moon but still a blackout. I'm all ready using all of the supplied iOptron RC8 extension tubes to achieve the required back focus. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, I’m having issues with RA Clutch on my new mount. The video explains all. Can anyone advise? AZEQ6 RA Clutch video
  6. No, but it’s a cracking pub shed! If the clouds role it it’s nice to stick on YouTube, watch some tutorials and have a beer
  7. Very close to testing tonight along with RC8. Clouds just rolled in! One thing I did notice is when you tighten up the RA clutch as tight as it’ll go, you can move the RA axis. It’s firm but it does move. I can’t recall this with my HEQ5 but maybe I just didn’t notice
  8. Thanks Steve. Now sold. I’m now sure how to update the status though?. Rick
  9. Hi folks, Not sure if I’m in breach of FB page rules but if I am please accept my apologies. I’m upgrading my mount to an EQ6 as new OTA has increased my imaginary payload to current tolerances. To that end and before I go live on eBay, I would like to offer for sale to members. The HEQ5 is in very good condition and has been updated with latest firmware from Skywatcher. Comes with all original cables, fittings, weights and hand controller. I’ve also attached several images to demonstrate its tracking capabilities (unguided and with basic polar alignment). Easily achieved a 2 minute unguided track. The photos of the mount include my wide field imaging setup. However, I have had my MAK 180 on it and it was no problem at all. In short, a great mount and if it wasn’t for the fact I have purchased a Skywatcher Star Adventurer, I would have kept if for my portable setup. £400 - collect only or if near South Wales arrange RV or drop off at a suitable venue (C19!restrictions considered)
  10. Hi guys, So I’ve tried connecting with ST4 and via EQMOD cable etc. My guide camera is a ZWO120 mini and my mount is HEQ5. To date I have ensured all my drivers are fully up to date (ZWO, ASCOM, EQMOD) and have also used two different laptops (both windows 10). The problem remains the same. I can get a visual view on guide scope once I start looping, but when I attempt to either calibrate on a guide star or begin guiding sequence, the whole PHD2 closes down. Effectively it’ll only allow me passive viewing using looping function, but calibration or attempting to guide causes a shut down of program? I’ve tried PHD2 help group but not much joy.
  11. New gear! IOptron RC8 and EVOGUIDE 50ED. Mars can standby to get some!
  12. Thanks Craig, and always open to a wee bit of CC. Right, I’m just off to google “Black Clip!”
  13. That’s great. I’ll give that a go
  14. I have attempted to download ASCOM onto my windows 10 laptop and keep getting a fatal error message (attached screen shot). Has anyone ever came across this and any tips on resolving?
  15. "My god! It's full of stars?"
  16. Thanks folks. What a school boy error! I was messing about with my DSLR a few days ago and left it on JPEG lesson learned, attention to detail. They still stacked no problem thought
  17. Here it is! My second go at M31 using my ED80, D7500 unguided with no LP filter. I live in a fairly light polluted area, but my IDAS LPS - D2 filter keeps leaving a greenish hue in the images which is I don't know how to process out! I just used DSS and done some basic editing in LR. Settings - 50 x 30 sec lights at ISO 800. 30 x darks at same timing and ISO. 15 x Bias.
  18. I’m about to register my checked pictures but keep getting this warning message about JPEG files? Is this normal?
  19. Hi folks, I have been watching an Youtube tutorial on stellarium and it states that you need to place your coordinates (location) from EQMOD into the location settings in Stellarium. But these read as N 14. 35' 0 and east 120. 57' 0. This doesn't make any sense to me as we are usually around 51 in UK? Can anyone advise?
  20. Hi, it’s PHD2 and Windows 10. The laptop is ASUS Zenbook (2020 model).
  21. This is my first go! SW ED80 Pro, 0.85 Reducer, D7500 for M31 set at ISO 1600 (10 x Lights with no darks). M45 30 secs at ISO 3200 (10 frames). Stacked in Sequator. I'm not proficient enough to use DSS or PS yet so pretty basic. I'm just happy to get a good composition and focus! Also, this is unguided so each exposure is no more than 30 secs. PH2 kept shutting down when I attempted to calibrate using a guide star. Not sure why?
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