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Walking on the Moon



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You can get many suggestions here - it's why we're here! We love finding answers to questions. But you'd be likely to get more suggestions by posting your query in the forum here I am linking below:


I'll ask you this though - didn't the scope you got come with an eyepiece or two? If so, it's generally a good idea to use these for awhile and see what you like about those - and what you'd like to see up there and how to improve your views of such.

Happy Birthday!


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Hi i got 10 and 20mm but i was thinking of a barlow, anyway i got my 1st viewing of jupiter 2nite and its moons thru 10mm also arcturus, vega, deneb, spica. Absolutely brilliant, this new hobbie could consume me!

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On 08/04/2017 at 09:12, Bradderstar said:

I have just had a celestron 130 eq  bought for me for my 40th birthday can anyone recommend eyepieces

The AstroMaster accessory kit costs around £50 from Amazon. It comes with a 2x Barlow lens, 15 mm lens and a 6 mm lens. I am yet to try mine but I read I can expect to see the bands on Jupiter and rings of Saturn with those. Considering the lenses cost £20+ each, the accessory kit is a bargain in my opinion. 


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