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  1. Hi again I ordered a phone holder and managed to get these pictures of the moon and Jupiter with its moons. I found the normal camera app wasn't too bad but it took a few tries and a bit of luck! My biggest issue is keeping the telescope steady, it seems to be wobbling around a lot so most pictures were blurry. @Bruce Leeroy Which lenses/telescope did you use to get those images of Jupiter? Also, did you crop or zoom in on those images? I can't seem to get mine like that at all. Hayley
  2. Last week some time, I don't remember the day. I'll try holding my phone at an angle and investing in a phone holder. It seems you can get some awesome pics! Hopefully tonight will be clear and I can try again. Thank you both for your help Hayley
  3. This was a picture of the moon through my 20 mm lens. To my eye it was crystal clear and perfectly focused... On my picture, not so much! Hayley
  4. Hi Dust Cap I can't help but smile as I did the exact same thing with my Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ! I started to set it up in the house on a cloudy night to see how everything went together (without reading the manual properly). I took off the small cap on the dust cover to have a quick look through the window and saw a crescent-shaped sky. I thought, "Oh, it'll probably be better on a clearer night" and thought nothing else of it. It was only when I was taking it apart and putting it back in the box that I realised the dust cover came off completely... When it fell off actually!
  5. Hi all I don't have a fancy camera for taking pictures of what I see so I have been trying to use my iPhone. I have seen in the photo competitions section some pictures taken with smartphones, but I think I am missing something as mine are rubbish! Any advice? Thanks in advance. Hayley
  6. Hi Marc Welcome to the forum! Hayley
  7. Haylz


    The AstroMaster accessory kit costs around £50 from Amazon. It comes with a 2x Barlow lens, 15 mm lens and a 6 mm lens. I am yet to try mine but I read I can expect to see the bands on Jupiter and rings of Saturn with those. Considering the lenses cost £20+ each, the accessory kit is a bargain in my opinion. Hayley
  8. Haylz


    Hi Sepp I have the same telescope and recently bought the AstroMaster accessory kit from Amazon for about £50. It comes with a 2x magnification Barlow lens than doubles your existing lenses, as well as a 15 mm and a 6 mm lens (and filters). I haven't tried them out yet due to the weather, but I have read that I should expect to see the bands on Jupiter and rings of Saturn with this equipment on a clear night. Hayley
  9. Hi all Thank you for the warm welcome and advice! I had never heard of Stellarium until Uranium235 mentioned it. A few YouTube tutorials later and I've managed to add my telescope and eye pieces into it and ta-da... I've been exploring the sky from the comfort of the sofa. It's really helpful looking at the planets and galaxies, etc, exactly as I would through my own equipment. I feel much more confident now. Now to wait for a clear night! I've been using the iPhone app "Scope Nights" to help predict the best nights for stargazing, it changes through the day but seems pretty accurat
  10. Hello everyone My name is Hayley. I'm a secondary school science teacher from the West Midlands in England. Although my degree was biology based, I have recently took the plunge and bought a Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ. I'm hoping to be able to see planets, nebulae, galaxies and so on. So far I've managed to see the moon in detail and Jupiter as a glowing disc. I have recently bought the AstroMaster accessory kit that came with a 2x Barlow lens, a 6 mm lens and a 15 mm lens, so I'm hoping to be able to see the bands on Jupiter and the Saturn's rings. I've been learning to read s
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