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Walking on the Moon

ALERT - Prom on E Limb Detaching - 2.35 pm


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Thanks for the heads up, Paul. It's a really interesting prom - and, unusually, the weather is playing ball! I have it in my head that the prom might reattach and form an arch. Time will tell.

Oh, and there's a chance I might get to a dark site tonight. Almost giddy with excited anticipation!

Back out now to check the plasma ...

EDIT 17.20: changed my mind - definitely looks like it's heading away.

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Hooray, glad so many of you had a view, I'll look forward to seeing some nice high res pics in the imaging section - I'll post some of my rather low res shots later!

I packed in at just turned 6 pm as the growing haze round the sun was making it almost impossible  to see any longer.

I'm glad it did detach, or I would have felt rather foolish!  :grin:

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