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Insurance for Astro Gear


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I have it all lumped into my House insurance...... would that not suffice? Pictures of it all stored on a USB stick in a safe in a difficult place to get to (not impossible of course, nothing ever is if people want to get there badly enough)

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Mine is under the house insurance, but check the small print it took me a while to find decent cover....most will cover individual items over £1000, but check for cover from sheds/ outhouses. It took me a while to find cover for more than £500

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I've found that the usual limit on outhouses and sheds is a max of £2,500.

www.adrianflux.co.uk allows a max for these buildings of upto £75,000 but this includes house contents. I guess that you've got to be sure that both can't go up in smoke or be ransacked in the same event!


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I have mine insured under my house insurance with Halifax and there are excellent.  Yes i have to list it all but it is all then covered anywhere.  So if nicked from car covered, if i am at a star party covered, if i fall over with something covered.  Full accidental cover for all listed items.  Extra premium yes but for me full cover was worth it.  From memory i think when i had AP1200, Borg 125, camera, filters as core set up c£15k of gear was about £12pcm.   I pay slightly more now but no idea what of top of my head.

The extra specific insurance is totally worth it from a piece of mind perspective and allows me to exceed the value otherwise defined within the policy (for a fee).


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