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Telrad sighter


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I have one of these wonderful pieces of techi kit

and am going to write up a little review of it over the next few days then paste it in here suffice to say for now I think they are brill

heres the review as promised


I suppose the first thing to mention about the telrad is its price I would say that it is in about the correct price bracket for what it gives you I'm not giving links to where can I buy them cheap I know that someone always knows somewhere else for less

Telrad’s weight is 11 ounces (about 300 grams) including the base. The dimensions of the Telrad are:

Length 21.3 cm

Width: 4.7 cm

Height: 12.7cm (on Base

I think one of the best things about it is just how easy it makes it for you to point your scope in the right direction with its large optical glass window thats shows everthing the right way up (a big plus) and with the aid of using a telrad map which are freely available on the web in pdf format you just know you cannot go wrong its as simple as abc

onto alignment

Through the reticle on the Telrad you see three lighted (LED) circles. The different circles represent a field of view of 0,5 (inner circle) 2 middle circle) and 4 degrees (outer circle). You can adjust the brightness of these projected circles by using the reticle brightness control it requires 2 AA batteries. not sure rechargeables would work have not tried them!

if you Point your telescope with the help of your finder scope (that you already have aligned with your telescope) on a bright star. Adjust the Telrad pointer, using the three small knobs on the back, until the star is centered in the inner circle.

heres the link to the telrad maps


or this one which has a huge library


So when you look through the glass you can see that its illuminated with the three target type red circles pointing at your object of desire getting it into the middle of the centre circle is simplcity itself

culmination or say alignment achieved everything just gets easier still its if you can see it in the target you will see it straight away in your eyepiece I can attest to that making it a star hoppers dream

DSOs Well I am no expert at all on these things but take it as read thatits just as easy to locate DSOs I hope someone other than me will explain how simple that is as this would make it a fairer review

I did not mention yet how easy it is to put the telrad onto your scope thats because its very very hard !!!

Only joking LOL The Telrad is composed out of two main components the Telrad pointer itself and the base on which the pointer is mounted. On the Telrad base you find some double-sided adhesive foam you can use to attach the base to the telescope’s tube. you could drill and fix it to the tube if you wanted to put it on or take it off the base is childsplay with just two little thumscrews to tighten or undo

One thing I find that to me is on the con side is it is quite easy to leave the target on draining your batteries make certain you do 2 things 1st always switch it off once you have found your object 2nd don't forget to pack some spares LOL

One more thing to mention is telrad have a lot of useful accessories not least the dew shield and also a dew heater

I know you may find this review a little topsy turvey but thats cos I aint no reviewr mate

Clears Skies

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Good review Martyn. Once the moon has gone I am looking forward to trying mine out in earnest. I use rechargeable batteries on mine which is a good job because, like you say, I keep forgetting to switch it off. Haven't had a problem so far with dew. The riser should mean I wont have to get so intimate with the scope :lol:.


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I have the Galileo finder which is similar, and is mounted just behind my focuser and between that and the finder. Ideal!!

The Caldwell charts are excellent - cheers RA :lol:

In fact, I've added the link to the Links section!

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