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this is 10 hours of nb data (2 hours of HA out of 9 hours 4 hours of OIII and 4 hours of S2)  from last year and 6 hours of rgb from this month.

the rgb from last year was rubbish in comparison to this months so i dumped it and had to dump 7 hours of nb data from last year that was rubbish as well.

 so this is a total of 16 hours apposed to last years 23 hours and it just shows that some bed subs do spoil the rest now just need more NB to help with the noise.

thanks for looking and all cc welcome.


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Good image Chris, you have so much detail and the Pacman colours are really good !

Some (hopefully) constructive comments:

I personally find the star field too distracting, to improve things I'd suggest you slightly reduce the size of the the stars and significantly reduce the colour saturation on the star field. I'd also suggest you take down the overall background level (it is currently around 55) - try reducing it without black clipping, I think you should be able to get to around 25 (ish).


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Nice work the colours of the nebula and detail in the mouth region are great.  I would say stars are too strong also maybe a star mask and some colour noise reduction, looking at the cores are not too bad but the outer ring and halo is the issue.  Nice quick tweak hopefully and will be spot on then.


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