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I found a used Deep Space Explorer 8" for sale online. It comes with a collimator and several lenses, as well as a telrad finder scope. The price is lower than any Dobsonion I've seen before, $75. I am just getting started in the stargazing hobby, especially with telescopes, so I was wondering the opinion of you kind folks. Would this be worth buying? Why or why not? Thank you!

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If it works, it sounds like an excellent bargain indeed! For 75 bucks you aren't going to get anything even remotely close. Just the collimator, if it's a Cheshire, and the Telrad would cost this.

These scopes were popular in the 1990s, so it is probably 20-25 years old. But, if it's in good condition you should have no problems at all. You'll want to check the mirrors carefully for any damage, likewise the focuser etc., but these do turn up secondhand and are good to go! Really the only problems might be if it has been stored in a damp place or mishandled.

I would certainly try to inspect this scope first hand rather than buying unseen - but for the money, I might take the risk anyway - this depends on you. If you do see it, take batteries for the Telrad and check for corrosion. The eyepieces may be nothing special, but there might just be something nice there too!

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