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A brief rotation Marciana


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This so far has been my only trying to make a GIF, but unfortunately seeing was so bad that it is clearly perceived quality variation from one photo to another.
There were 7 catches, but only 5 usable in each of 4,500 frames were stacked.
Mars has an orbital period of 686.78 Earth days, but the length of the day is very similar to ours, 24.62 pm.
Throughout history Mars has drawn attention - a bright ruby light in the night sky. One after the other emissaries our robotic emissaries crossed the space to the red planet.
They found that the red planet has an ultrathin atmosphere, crossed by deadly subatomic particles coming from the Sun, and where barely reaches 0 ° C in a beautiful hot summer day. Although it is a hostile environment, Mars is not dead. It is dynamic, with ice caps, giant volcanoes, clouds and dust storms that cover the planet. Significantly, there is evidence of rivers and possible ancient oceans. So the water increases the possibility of life, but remember, simple microorganisms and not an advanced Martian civilization like the movie "War of the Worlds" suggested.
Text: Avani Soares


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Excellent GIF. That has come out really well, regardless of the poor conditions you had to contend with. Very well done indeed. I would be overjoyed to produce something half as good.

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