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Cresecnt Nebula & Friend in Ha


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Finished my Ha channel of NGC 6888 (Crescent Nebula) with Televue np101is and SBIG STT-8300.  Image consists of 20-20minute subs in Ha, fully calibrated (33 darks, 400 bias, 33 flats) at -40.  I did not know about the Soap Bubble Nebula until I saw a full tricolor image and realized it had to be in my FOV.  Sure enough--there it is near the bottom edge of the center of the image (right above the remaining vestige of a short, black alignment anomaly on the bottom edge of the image about 1/3 the way from the right hand edge).  The image was dithered and drizzle integrated.  Drizzle not only recovers some resolution and makes stars less square--it also eliminates most of any alignment anomalies along the edges of the pic.  I did not know this.  I have included a crop of the soap bubble.

No processing was done on the image.  No curves or noise reduction or anything else.  I am waiting until I get my OII and SII data (and RGB for stars)

Ha_20_20min_minus45_drz_clone1.jpgSoap Bubble Crop.jpg


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7 hours ago, Pompey Monkey said:

Nicely :)

That drizzling really rounds out the faint stars.

I'm imaging at about 2.7" p/p and definitely have square stars, so I will give this a go. How long did it take to drizzle integrate? you must have quite a good computer ;)


It didn't take that long--then again I didn't sit at the computer and wait.  I am too impatient for that.  1 minute seems like an eternity if you wait.  It took less than 10 minutes.  I use a core i7 6500 processor with 16gig RAM and an SSD hard drive.  

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6 hours ago, swag72 said:

This is looking really nice indeed :) It's so great to know that this target is coming back into view!

Thank you Sara:hello2:

Your opinion means allot--I feel like the Imoji guy.

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