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What do you do for eyepiece protection?

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I've been looking into cases to protect my eyepieces (all two of the ones the sent me). I already want a few more eyepieces, but so far I have simply capped them and kept them in the boxes they came, all of which are floating in the sling bag I carry when I use it.

It "works", but sometimes I get cought up in the moment and I'm so focused on switching eyepieces without losing my target I tend to just toss the other in my dusty, crummy bag, no caps or anything.

I think I could use a case. Do any of you have recommendations or nice and easy DIY alternatives for someone who doesn't have 900 eyepieces?

I tried doing some searching and realized the sheer amount of astronomy products and equipment that has stopped being produced in the last 5-10 years. I find posts that go "this case is amazing" and I'm like "I want that one!!" Just to find the website is dead and the manufacturer is no longer in business or stopped making that product. Ugh!

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Maplin used to do almost "Astronomer standard issue" Flight Cases for around £20?
They used to be fitted with "Pick & Pluck"(!?) foam inserts that you could customise! :)

You can anyway buy the foam seperately? Search Maplin.co.uk for "Flight Case" etc.

Rather than labour over exotic shapes, my personal tip is to make 1.25" and 2" square
holes which will then fit MOST standard eyepieces - if you arrange them in vertically! ;)

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4 minutes ago, rockystar said:

Check out this thread: 


And try not to get swept away.

I apologize, I actually saw this thread in my search, saw the 2010 post date and ignored it assuming it was probably dated.

Now that I see it has almost 3000 replies I think that was ignorant. Gonna look over that thread when I get out of work


Thanks to both of you, although I wont turn my nose up to other input!

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Well I would certainly recommend to get into the habit of capping them before stowing them, but otherwise a DIY solution is perfectly in order. Suggest as a basic solution taping the original opened boxes together and fashioning a common lid for them, and giving the construction a secure place in your bag.

It's a start, perhaps...


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I keep my eyepieces capped and in Maplins cases when they are not in the scope. When I switch eyepieces I generally cap the one I've just been using and put it back in the case.


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This is a heavy duty plastic case with pull out foam bought 2 months ago for £45 in store at Maplins. Well worth the money for the protection it gives?


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