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  1. I use equestrian food bucket covers (large shower caps) to cover top and bottom to keep dust off the mirror. The're cheap and work well?
  2. Hi Shivam, don't worry about the 10 months of 20°-30° temperature, because in Britain we just get 10 months of cloud!??
  3. I had to redrill and coutersink tube rings to get the dovetail to fit?
  4. This is a heavy duty plastic case with pull out foam bought 2 months ago for £45 in store at Maplins. Well worth the money for the protection it gives?
  5. Mine would be Jupiter because of it's colour and m42 because you can really ramp up the mag. The best of all is a cressent moon and it's contrast with the long shaddow's?
  6. I also use shower caps, top and bottom?
  7. I know £50 is a good price, but l paid £92 for the deluxe laminated version from Astronomy 365. This is to me a fair price for a very good product!
  8. daveb

    Big flash

    It might only be the size of a tennis ball but it had enough energy to turn night into day for a second☺
  9. I've just purchased a telrad finder from FLO, should arrive any day now! The ring is the top of my list with m13 as well.☺
  10. Did anyone see the flash in the sky at 03:15 this morning? I was driving when i saw it and i had 5 live on the radio and it has been seen all over the country, and it's belived to be a meteor air burst!
  11. I have got it , i never thought to use it!??
  12. Thanks Andrew, i think i need to get to a darker site, if i can see more then i can work them out by their proximity with each other. Thanks
  13. The eye piece was either a 20 or 25 mm 100 fov, as you looked through the eye piece 1 galaxy was directly north of the galaxy below. They stood out as well as M51 but were further apart if thats any help!
  14. After a very good session last night i swung my dob towards the Virgo galaxy cluster not expecting to see much due to low level light pollution when two fuzzy's came into view, i couldn't see anything else apart from these two. Does anyone know which two galaxies they are, because in my star map there are so many i didn't know where to start?
  15. Hi Brantuk, this made very intresting reading. The fan i have fitted in the mirror cell of my oo 12" mirror is less than half the size it should be going by the text you sent me, which means i must fit another fan on the rear of the scope☺thanks
  16. I have a very small fan (40mm) built in to the mirror cell and blows air away from the back of mirror, i can't see that it would be powerful enough to cool a 12" mirror down quickly or to clear the warm air from the tube. This is why i want to clear the warm air before i start to observe. What would be the best type of fan?
  17. If i attatch a fan to either end of my newt would it quicken the cooling down time for the mirror? And ifso which direction would you have the air flow?
  18. Thanks brantuck, i'm actually trying to locate objects myself at the moment and forgot i had that book (Turn Left at Orion) but using a newtonian do i need to turn right?
  19. Is that for the powermate or the company?
  20. They are on E-bay, but i got mine about 2 years ago from B & Q and it was called a rubble "something" but i can't remember what that something was!
  21. I got an "easy fill bag loader" this is a rigid but still plyable piece of plastic which is what i use for my oo 12"dob with 2 small rachet straps for attachment. It is 26" tall and it gives a fixed due shield of about 20" beyond the end of the tube. I've never looked back!
  22. Wait until we get to storm Zebedy, it can't be far away, can it?
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