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  1. These weird spots have me worried... its the business end of my RACI, and im seeing similar on my 30mm EP (had to get a weird angle for the camera to even notice them, cropped out most of hand) They almost look like when you see a car with cheap window tint, and it bubbles. These arent bubbles, it just has that weird look to it I keep my pieces as clean as I can, air bulb them after use, let them air out overnight so moisture doesnt accumulate, then keep everything capped and in individual boxes in my camera bag.
  2. Well, first night looking at the band. Wow. literally had no idea there was that many stars, that there could be that many stars. Anywhere I pointed my 30mm was just an ocean of starlight. Everyone was like "what am I looking at??" -- nothing! I just pointed up and everything is stars! I was showing them how light pollution was washing out the horizon, but the patch of the band had bright stars all the way down to the horizon. Best of all, a friend got out Turn Left at Orion, I opened it up to M80 and let him figure it out. We worked together to chart the area and he was so excited to hunt his first DSO hes looking into buying his own scope now. A damn fine night. Best of luck to everyone on weather!
  3. Practice tracking planes flying overhead. It takes some getting used to, but you also need to focus while trying to keep up with it. At least for me planes are always flying over, and I was well prepared the first time I had the ISS pass at 82°, it was so bright it took me a while to even realize it was the ISS. If you have a manual dob, tracking a fast target close to zenith is a nightmare, and definately takes a lot of getting used to. Dont wanna waste all your best passovers trying to get a feel for it. I line it up in my finderscope, but give it a good lead, then switched to a 30mm and it flies into view, then you just gotta take over from there while getting it into focus.
  4. Once you find jupiter once or twice it becomes very easy for you to locate even without the finderscope. Once you get the hang of where your scope is pointing I find jupiter to be a great target for finderscope alignment while its around. First thing up in the night, can usually see it with some daylight still! If you like jupiter in your barlowed 25mm, cant wait for you to go high power. Barlowed my 9mm tuesday night for my first amazing view of the red storm! Saturn is an amazing view, too. I liked it even more than jupiter, but jupiter became that old friend I make sure to check up on during each outing. Cant wait for you to get it out again, the second night is even better once you had a little flight experience with your scope the first night.
  5. Can confirm it was M13, found it again and now have memorized it's location. Huzzah! Got in the zone and forgot to check M92 lol Tried for 81 and 82 but was really struggling for a while. The moonrise put a gun to my head so I decided to sacrifice my nightvision to pull up the chart Linda linked and was quickly able to find them. SO dim! I'm gonna have to come back when the moon goes away, that chart made quick work of locating it. Thanks!
  6. I don't have stellarium, I will pick that up today. I use an app called Star Walk, but I'm certain the computer program will be far more fleshed out. I do have Turn Left at Orion, but have been thinking of picking up the Sky and Telescope atlas, I'd like something a bit more comprehensive at times. I believe TLaO will be easier once I understand the constellations better. My scope is a Zhumell Z10 dob, I agree a red dot or telrad would probably do me wonders, as I notice I constantly am looking down the length of my OTA trying to "aim" at what the finderscope is seeing. Thanks for that chart, too. I've tried for those 2 before, I will try for them tonight, too. One thing I've enjoyed, is even in the frustrating hunt, even on nights I found nothing and saw nothing new, I've yet to go to bed disappointed. The same thing I saw tonight might look even better tomorrow. Hows that for replay value?
  7. Very possible, actually, I thought the same, but there was practically nothing in my finder and I was scared to look around much thinking I'd lose it. I did lose it after a bit, and couldnt locate it so I had to pack up for the night. A quick 45 min session and then crashed for work, I have clear skies tonight and tomorrow off so hoping to get a little more time with it tonight.
  8. Ahhh what I have been waiting for!! I have spent a few weeks with my scope doing planetary observations for a myriad of reasons -- lost in the sky, friends viewing with me, etc etc. I've tried hunting down a few galaxies to no avail. Last night was another terrible night, sight wise. Very bright moon, in a very LP area near the city. I was playing around in Hercules, and accidentally found what I believe was M13. Viewing stars at random in my 30mm, I cought a whispy poof in my EP somewhere between Vega and Gemma. For about 3 or 4 minutes I was 90% sure it was user error, perhaps a glare or something on my lens. But it was tracking in the sky. I gingerly swapped to my 9mm. The light pollution was bad, but I could make out several hundred stars with averted vision. It was small, but even barely being able to see it was impressive. This is important to me, because having 0 experience finding DSOs, one of my biggest struggles in astronomy is trying to find something I have no understanding of -- no knowledge of position, size, it sometimes feels like im trying to locate that which isnt there. Am I in the wrong place? Is there too much light? Could I be viewing it right now and not even know what I'm looking for? I bought this scope for DSOs, its so awesome finally making some headway. I'll be headed back out tonight. Are there any DSOs you think I could find in high LP with a near full moon in a 10" dob?
  9. Thousand Oaks Optical makes a visual grade solar filter, its usually the only film I hear aside from Baader. they are cheaper than Baader Astrofilm but honestly Baader just seemed higher quality, and when this film is the difference between sight and no sight, try to go as high quality as you can. Is looking at the moon now unbearable for you? Its REALLY bright, but I've heard no worse than looking at the sidewalk in the afternoon, just seems worse with dark adapted eyes. My scope came with the basic filter and I dont really like it. If its really bright but not bad, I wouldnt bother. If its causing you discomfort, thats a different story
  10. Are there any brands, perhaps cheaper than/comparable to ES, that still have an acceptable level of quality? I will look around at options to see if there is a set of two EPs I can get around that price, else I may just lock in with a single ES.
  11. Hey all! I'm wanting to pick up some more eyepieces for my Z10. I'm scared, cuz I hear f/5s will chew up and spit out cheap eyepieces. To add, I have 20/20 vision and no local clubs or events to try eyepieces first... seems like relevant info. So currenly I'm rocking the standard GSO fare; a zhumell 30mm superview and a 9mm plossl. Frankly, I kind of hate the plossl because even with the guard down I feel like I need to press my eyeball against the lens to get the whole FOV. I love my 30mm superview. I really like this wide FOV, but its pretty low power, which is fine, but sometimes I'd like a bit higher and often find myself using the 30mm just to initially find targets. That concludes my overall eyepiece experience, so I'm a blank slate. I'm doing research, trying to learn differences in types, builds, learning comparisons between each brands type. So far I have only learned 1 thing -- those televues everyone talks about cost more than my scope. I'm looking for something kind of between those, and have been recommended gold-lines, but I am also eyeballing the Explore Scientific 82° 14mm. I'm wanting 2 more to fill out my gaps, price depending. Any recommendations on brands or types to look for? I'm struggling to swallow the cost of eyepieces over like 100-150... will my fast scope have a problem with that?
  12. If you have any friends who live in darker places, ask if you could use their property one night. Usually once they see what you can pull out with your telescope, they will want you to come back. I've acquired 3 darksites on private property that way. The other way is to one night when it's crappy out and you can't observe, instead drive around and scout out places you can use. Parks, fields, open country, just make sure its not private property. I'll have to third Patrick, best case would be join a club. I don't have those locally, but my roommates brother was attacked by 3 knife wielding thugs trying to jump him for his telescope. YMMV, I don't live in a really nice area, and even still this is probably a rare occourance, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. It takes from the experience when I'm focused more on all the sketchy people walking around at 1am.
  13. Got to see saturn for the first time last night, and it was freaking amazing! Had a bad night at the darksite because the moon was making sure it was practically daylight out, and when I got home to turn in it was coming above my neighbors house, so I frantically posted up in the front yard to get a view of it. So, having to set up out front makes me feel SO akward, but planets rise from behind my neighbors house. I'm posted up with my comically oversized telescope, aimed at their house while I kneel down going "OOOH my god... oh hell yeah!" I probably look like a stone cold creeper but if they caught me I could bring them over to see what I'm seeing. Great angle to view the gaps. I could see rings in the rings. Those freakin' rings just put it on a whole other level. I got a rush from finding it. I love this stuff
  14. Thanks for your responses, all. You helped point out some things and while fiddling with it I realized the bracket screwed into the OTA that the whole finder screws into was slightly misaligned, and I was able to give the entire unit a firm twist while mounted and it moved over. I have plenty of room to play with the alignment now, taking her out to my darksite tonight.
  15. Are these types actual lasers you point into the sky? Are they actually OK to use? They have a metric tonne of red tape in the US and in the off chance the beam hit a plane they scramble police choppers because its a federal offense...
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