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USB 3.0??

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You can have the control software there but if the physical ports are not there, then I would say no. Never tried loading in software for a none existent bit of hardware, but would have thought that the software would report "not found".

Note, there is no USB 3.0 root hub there.


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Yes, USB3 some sneaky people stick in a USB2 as welL so check all your ports are USB3, the sockets aren't blue on mine, just grey.

Looks the same as mine.



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Thanks guys, SO iI have the software (drivers?) but not the hardware?  I see in Yours Davey-T that you have the 'Enhanced host controller'... I guess thats the hardware bit I'm missing!

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I don't know about windows based machines but checking my Mac (laptop) you have to look carefully as it seems to use USB "internally" quite a lot and some is USB 2 and some USB 3.

For example, the trackpad and keyboard camera are on a USB 2 bus (max speed reported as 12Mb/sec), Facetime camera on another USB 2.0 bus whilst the two sockets for external devices are on a USB 3.0 bus.  And the external sockets are white/grey NOT blue.

Also, I seem to remember reading somewhere (so questionable memory here and thus maybe incorrect) that on a USB3 hub, any USB2 devices will pull the entire hub down to USB2 (including the USB3 devices connected to the hub).


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