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Saturday morning solar selection - 30th April


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A nice bit of blue, for a change, so broke out my GT102 and snapped away in CaK, Ha and white light.  First up the Ha.

12 pane mosaic, GT102, Quark, 0.5x FR, ASI174


False colour


Inverted, then false colour


Close up of the main AR group, as above but without the FR


CaK and WL to follow.

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Thanks guys.

We were out for dinner last night, then on the way home we saw the pale green blue light of an aurora and Jupiter was looking good.  As a GRS was visible I thought I would have a go at Jupiter, but there must have been a haze or cloud as the results weren't very good, so decided to take the dog for a walk out to the north of the village to see if the aurora developed.  I missed that as well.  Hence processing of CaK and WL had to wait for this morning.



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Oh should have said, Mars and Saturn made a nice sight in binocs about 1:00am, will have to try for them in a few weeks time.  Quite a day, the sun, three planets and an aurora.


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