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April 27th - H Alpha


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Early observations this morning.  A fairly quiet disk with no outstanding filaments.  The best prominence was a 'gas flame' prominence on the NE limb. 

Pics with the Lunt 60mm DS, Olympus E-M5, 500 asa, single frames at 6.49 am on 1/8 sec and 6.53am on 1/30 sec.





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41 minutes ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Are you sure the scope was fully on-band? I spotted quite a lot of activity just now

Thanks Michael.  As far as I know it is - in the sense that I very infrequently re-tune it and haven't done it for a while, perhaps I ought to!!  When I have a few minutes of clear weather I'll give it a check.  I did observe about nine hours before you did when the sun was much lower - I suppose things could have changed a bit since then.  Also, when I could see comparatively so little I did check on GONG at the time, and believe it or not there was less on the GONG images....................Just this minute checked the latest image from Cerro Telolo in Chile and it looks about the same as it did this morning.  I will check the tuning anyway.  Thanks again Michael.

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  • Thanks Michael, though mine is a DS too of course!  I just nipped out and took a look visually and it looked fine - in fact it looked better than it did this morning, some nice activity near that circularish area of activity between AR2533 and the W limb.  Of course the sun was very low when I took the images this morning.  The segmented filament running approximately E to W in the N hemisphere and crosses the CM was much clearer than it was on my images when I just nipped out also.   Of course the tuning could be out or it could just be that I'm not a good photographer, but either way I'll  check the tuning as soon as I get a decent sunny period :icon_biggrin:.
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