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I think I finally got one!


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I'm still having issues getting my rdf lined up just right with my scope I think so I have to do a little bit of a scout around an inch or so of that area of the sky to search when I send my goto to a particular object in the sky (if that makes sense).  Anyway, I sent my goto to look for Bodes Nebula and I think I spotted my first ever galaxy!  Thing is, I don't know what galaxy it is lol.  I spotted it at 9.52pm tonight (09/04/2016) and the coordinates I spotted it at were Dec=+67°53'04"



Can anyone please help me identify this?  I hope it was a galaxy that I found.  I'm so excited.  If it was then at least I know what I should be looking for now.  Thanks

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8 hours ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Congrats on that galaxy. M82 is nearby, and there are a couple more in range of smaller scopes in that area

Guess which part of the sky I'll be scouring next chance I get he hehe! !

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Not sure what size Goto scope you have, but here's the view you would see in a 102mm refractor with a 500mm focal length, with a standard stock 20mm EP fitted into it. Unless you have something drastically different than this then you should be able to get M82 in the same field of view as M81 with a 20mm stock EP.

Note; the image below is a normal view as the the eye might see it. Depending on your scope the view may be upside down, so M82 appears above M81, or it may also be reversed left to right as well, but regardless of the views orientation through your scope you should get to a point were you can see both of these galaxies in the same FOV.


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On 09/04/2016 at 23:00, g30rg313 said:

Yay!  I finally found a galaxy.  I'm so happy.  I've been looking since Christmas.   At least now I know what I should be looking for.  Thanks folks.

It took me 5 sessions searching to find Andromeda - and I was so chuffed to see a galaxy for the first time too :) It's amazing what a modest scope can show you - and many people go their whole lives never seeing with their own eyes the sights of the universe that surround us. M81/M82 are right up there as my fav galaxies. Congrats! :thumbsup:

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Well, tonight, with my skymax 127 I again went in search of m81 and m82.  First I used my 10x50 binoculars to find the general area of sky.  Then with my 40mm ep I found first m82 and with a little adjustment managed to get both m81 and m82 both in FOV.  I try upping the mag, but couldn't seem to go any higher than 75x before the image seemed to go too indistinct.  Is this normal, or is it just that seeing is just not too good tonight?  I had to give up before too long as clouds kept getting in the way, but at least I got to see m81 and 82 again :)

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