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Walking on the Moon

Sun spot IDs


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I'm new to solar observing so I'm just trying to find out a few things.


Do all sun spots have an ID number /name? 

Where do I find out which one is called which? 

How fast does the sun rotate? (What I mean by that is, how fast will I see the position of a sun spot move in relation to the limb of the sun's disk if I move away from the scope and then return to it?).

I know that's a lot of info to ask in one post so I'll say sorry in advance! 



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All active regions (AR) are given numbers. There are several sites which will provide that information. For what must be a comprehensive coverage of the sun and all things solar, the Gong site is way up there, along with space weather.com. Google will get you there.

The sun rotates once in about 25 days (at the equator, up to about 30 + or - days at the poles) so you won't see much movement measured even in hours. But it's fascinating to see the changes that take place across the disc and within the Active Regions themselves.

Have fun (safely!) with the sun.

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Thank you for your fast reply Floater.

I'll have a look at the websites you mentioned. 

I'm sure I'll have fun getting my head around solar observing.......then comes the imaging! 


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