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  1. This is my first attempt using a Skywatcher 250px and a smartphone on a smartphone holder. The Orion nebula. D.C
  2. This would be for shots of the moon and the sun Olly so no long exposures needed. D.C
  3. Sorry Olly, my mistake. I'm using a Nikon D80 with a 50mm lens. No mount or motors. D.C
  4. What is the longest single exposure time I can get away with for a constellation image without having elongated stars? Thanks. D.C
  5. Can anyone tell me what I would need to attach my Nikon D80 to the focuser on my telescope please? Thank you. D.C
  6. My home made solar filter. It has made my whole setup twice as useful! D.C
  7. Thanks Dave and Ibbo!, some great links there. D.C
  8. Thank you for your fast reply Floater. I'll have a look at the websites you mentioned. I'm sure I'll have fun getting my head around solar observing.......then comes the imaging! D.C
  9. I'm new to solar observing so I'm just trying to find out a few things. Like; Do all sun spots have an ID number /name? Where do I find out which one is called which? How fast does the sun rotate? (What I mean by that is, how fast will I see the position of a sun spot move in relation to the limb of the sun's disk if I move away from the scope and then return to it?). I know that's a lot of info to ask in one post so I'll say sorry in advance! D.C
  10. Cracking images there Daz. What equipment did you use? I've just been looking at those sun spots myself in white light. First light for my solar filter. D.C
  11. Thank you v. I thought as much, just wanted to ask someone with more experience. D.C
  12. Just a quick one really. I built a solar filter at the weekend but have not yet had the chance to use it. Will I be able to see solar proms or nor in white light or would I need to be using a h-alpha filter? Thanks. D.C
  13. I've been there a few times myself Gareth, for various reasons. I start making excuses up in my head for not wanting to get the scope out. I last used my scope in January, the time before that was six months all but two days before then! Since the last time I used my scope I have purchased some solar filter film and I'm going to make a filter so I can do some solar observing. I'm thinking that hopefully this will inspire me to start nighttime observing again (hopefully). D.C
  14. About a week ago, I ordered some baader astrofilm from FLO. Yesterday I just happened to look at my emails and saw that I had one from FLO saying that the astrofilm was out of stock and would be for two weeks and did I still want the order? When I tried to reply to the email, it wouldn't let me, so I left it and thought I'd just have to ring them and sort it out. This afternoon however; I put the TV on and saw it was space weekend on Quest! Sweet! I'd not been watching TV for more than five minutes when.....what should drop through the letter box? It was only my badder astrofilm!!!! Thank you FLO and thank you TV for willing it to my door! D.C
  15. Thank you both for replying. I was quite looking forward to seeing the transit but, after both of your replies, I'm looking forward to it even more! Pete, thanks for the website, i'll take a look at it. Here's hoping for clear skies. D.C
  16. They look really cool, but unfortunately, my other half would probably use them as mini Frisbees in the garden! She's not into astronomy! D.C
  17. On the 9th of May this year, Mercury will transit the Sun. Looking on Stellarium, from my location it will start at 12 Noon and end around 7pm. Now..... I have ordered some Baader astrosolar safety film as I've wanted to start observing the Sun for a while anyway. But as for the Mercury transit; would I be able to see Mercury against the disk of the Sun through my 10" Dob or would the sun still be too bright/Mercury be too small to stand out? D.C
  18. So I finally got a session in last night. The seeing wasn't the best and I was half frozen when I came back inside after nearly three hours and i did have to get the hair drier out at one point but, I've got that buzz again. I'm just hoping for clear skies again tonight! D.C
  19. I was feeling pretty much the same as you jules but, last night I forced myself to go outside and have a session. Although the seeing wasn't at its best, I still managed to see a few old gems before giving in to the cold. Now I can't wait to get out there again! D.C
  20. Hi all, Looks like it's going to be clear skies all night here, so I've got the scope out and letting it cool down for a while. I've not had a chance to get it out for about five or six months due to the weather, illness and other reasons and was feeling like I was loosing my astronomy mojo a bit. So I've sort of given myself a bit of a talking to and made myself get the scope out! And I'm actually really looking forward to it now! I can see this being a long session. Hope you are all enjoying clear skies this weekend. D.C
  21. That's one hour more than I've managed in recent months. D.C
  22. I'm not sure about it being a once a month hobby..... I'm pretty sure that through illness, family duties, and the good old British weather, I've not had my scope out in about five or six months. I need to get my astro mojo back.....SOON! D.C
  23. An amazing image Tom. You must have soooooooooooo much patience. D.C
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