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Flocking Material

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Can't be sure without seeing it. The good stuff does not shed little fibres and is properly black. I would recommend getting proper stuff, then you can avoid having to hoover little fragments off everything.



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In my opinion it's impossible to say.

Some black paint, dyes, etal is 'flat black' - meaning it doesn't have a reflective quality to it. This rather gives the impression that the light striking it is stopped there dead-in-it's-tracks. Other black possibilities are one in which the colour/non colour seems to reject the light striking it - deflects it if you will - and hence it appears shiny. That's a quality that ruins the intended result: Making the light essentialy disappear. And this is why "flocking" comes into play.....

Flocking appears to not only stop light D-I-I-T, but appears to absorb it. With it's tens of thousands little peaks & valleys, the light striking this looks as though it's getting lost in the Alps. This is another good use for having a green laser - seeing if a black object reflects the beam onto other objects like a mirror - the green spot is large, if it just stops it - the green spot is smaller, or the green spot is smallest of all and there is hardly any "scattering" effect noticed. This last one is what flocking-paper/vinyl does.

So I wouldn't buy the product you posted about - sight and laser unseen.

Clear & Flocked Dark Skies,


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Looks like the same stuff FLO stock, I used 2 rolls of it to do my 200p. Have not had a chance to use the scope since I have flocked it but to the eye it really darkens the tube. I do have some before and after pictures of the inside of the scope but not on this computer, when I remember I will fire a couple on. Oh and keep a small craft knife handy to burst any small bubbles you can see under the material once applied, and a head-torch works wonders when you are working one it!

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I used it on my ed120. Really blackens the inside. Have not had any trouble with loose fibres. Didn't notice any coming off when applying It either. Does improve the contrast to my eye. Its worth doing any dew shields also. It seems pretty hard wearing.

P.S. its the velour one I used.

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