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  1. The guy that makes them is looking at reusability and has asked buyers for their input. The packaging has already removed all plastics from what I read and he has designed a disk that can be put back over the can once opened and then reused, as said above the item and packaging are all completely recyclable. Worth putting any suggestions to the chap that makes them, I am sure he would love to hear any input.
  2. First attempt from the back garden, need to raise the angle of the can to catch the top of the arc, 2 more going down on the solstice to try and be patient enough to catch a 6 month exposure, These onew were 3 months over the summer. Nice little project when skies are light and grey!
  3. After a break of a few years I have decided to dust off the mount again. Looking for a skywatcher synscan wifi adapter and thought I would check if anyone here wanted to part with a used one before I pulled the trigger on a new one from FLO. Thanks now.
  4. I love KSC, I was fortunate enough to live in the US for a while and was a 4 hour drive away so have been a few times. My last visit I managed to do the tour and see Discovery as she was being prepared before heading off to the museum. I have assembled a fair amount of collectibles over the years, anything from a good selection of Apollo astronaut autographs to Atlantis and Columbia used thermal tiles, space flown metals and a pile of other stuff I have accumulated over the years. Can become very addictive (and expensive) Really like your framed display of the mission patches though, would loo
  5. I always planned getting the camper onto the ferry and heading up to Shetland for the best possible chance. But you don't need to head much further north than Inverness on a good active night to catch it.
  6. Worth keeping an eye open if you have a clear sky but wall to wall cloud over the North.
  7. I caught the first good wave about 8pm but missed that last one unfortunately. I came in as I was getting chilly and the battery needed a boost.
  8. Is it still active? I have been back in for a while.
  9. Really strong tonight, might head back out.
  10. Oh did not know that, have to have a look at the piece. I am now doing the research for an all sky cam set-up and a dash cam!
  11. Deadly Sirius unfortunately! And this was information that apparently a member of an astronomical society had given as a cause for the flash, I can only presume this was before any of the video had been seen by them.
  12. Yeah it seemed to be more central Highland's. A few maps have surfaced of possible debris fields if anything made it to the ground. I even seen a comment in one of the newspapers from someone who claims it is possible that it was Sirius in the night sky that people may have mistook for what was seen, that one made me laugh a lot.
  13. Few videos surfacing now. Here is my effort :-)
  14. Have uploaded my 3 CCTV camera feed's to Youtube showing the flash if anyone is interested .
  15. Biggest flash I have ever seen, the wife seen it better as she was out back. I kinda guessed what it was and grabbed my 4 month old baby and got the wife to stay in the hallway with her where there is no windows for a couple of mins on the off chance there was a blast, I remember seeing the videos from Russia. I just had to go outside and have a good look though :-D
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