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There are times that I pursued a picture of Wargentin , and although this has not been to my liking due to bad seeing was the one I got today.
Craters of the genuine type Wargentin are few and far between on the lunar surface .
She has the look of money and should have been filled with lava fissures or pipes inside the walls of the crater .
In case Wargentin , this seems to have reached such a level that it breached the wall to the west and flowed over the plain surrounding it .
Its appearance is a small plateau , and the mystery has been explaining why Wargentin is not darker , as the lava lakes in the north and south ends of Schickard . One theory , supported by some evidence of observation , is that it was significantly attenuated by ejecta from Tycho .
Anyway this is a very unusual crater , appearing to be formed by a plateau and not a crater . To the west side it looks like it's overflowing , as in the other cardinal points is noticed an arc of low mountains like a horseshoe.
It is a crater that deserves a deeper research .
Attached put a picture obtained through the Quick Map which drew 2 altimetry profiles which show exactly the above .
Photo obtained from only 90 frames stacked in AS ! 2
Postprocessing in Photofiltre and Irfan


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