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Handpicked Saturn


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Had a go at manual sorting of the frames, well sort of had a go. Lost the will to live about 400 frames into the 750 frame movie. Picked out 183 for stacking which is not really enough for a smooth picture but it's certainly more detailed than the auto version. Will try again a little later and try and make it too the end of the movie.


Just want a clear night to try again.


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Yes it does make a difference Russ, but as you say the poor old eyes ehehheehehhe, but if i know the avi,s are good then its worth every bit of time doing it that way , the very time i had a great image was last year, i got a cracker the rings were perfect , but funny the disc was brown and no detail ,now that was funny , only found out that there was a storm on saturn causing it , since then never had that good seeing , lol

oh well



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Hi Russ, that's nice - I think that the manually selecting frames is actually as important as the seeing / focus and everything else in the imaging process...

I've manually seleted the frames from 1000+ frame AVI's - it is hard but the results are worth it!

Keep em coming


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