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1/2 Moon using Samyang 800mm catadioptic lens

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Had a second clear night last night which is unusual in Shanghai. I did a small mod the Samyang lens so that I had a bit more focus control. Not elegant but it did make it easier. Once I had a more sturdy tripod the focusing will become easier.

Samyang 800mm on Lumix GF2 micro 4/3rds ISO800 1/320th.


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    • By Ben the Ignorant
      I made a lot of eclipse shots that turned out too dark because my Samsung phone camera is not sensitive enough (400 ISO), but treating these shots as deep sky images, stacking them and doing the processing magic, is it possible to make a few presentable views? 
      If someone is willing to try - no need to lose sleep over it - I'm posting the images by groups. Each group contains pics made seconds or tens of seconds from each other, not sure if the slight differences will make processing too hard. They were made with a Celestron 5 and an Explore 24/68 eyepiece. Focus seems to be accurate.
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    • By Adreneline
      Sometimes the weather gods look on you kindly. A nice new Samyang 135mm turned up from that well known jungle supplier, I managed to assemble it to my Atik 428ex mono along with an Ha filter and got the spacing correct, and low and behold the skies stayed clear - all on the same day!
      I am sure there is room for improvement with the processing but this is IC1396 processed in PI; STF applied with HT, and a little HDRM + LHE to try to tease out some detail.
      Any help on improving the processing would be gratefully received - I really don't feel I get the best out of processing mono images.

      By the way this is 12x300s + 10x600s combined with HDR process in PI; flats, no darks and a master bias.
      Thank you for looking.
    • By BigRD
      Hi all, I've just bought a Samyang 14mm f/2.4 for my Nikon D5100 and am not happy with the results. I've already sent one back and now the replacement appears to be just as bad. As you can see in the sample there is quite a difference in quality. The images were taken at a fairly dark area, ISO400 for 30secs on a Star Adventurer. The crop is from the centre of the lens. Image quality only started to improve after stopping down to f/7.1. 
      If the aberrations are this bad at wide open it would effectively be a useless lens. My kit 18-55 zoom gives far sharper stars across the aperture range. Am I expecting too much from the Samyang or should this one be winging its way back too?
      I appreciate any advice

    • By Allinthehead
      Hi everyone. I'm really clutching at straws with these last couple of images but it's all Kerry dark sky reserve is giving up. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of ha the Sony has picked up. 
      So this is 9 30 second subs at iso 5000 (best not zoom in)
      Sony A7s through a Samyang 135 mounted on an eq3 pro.

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