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  1. My ZS73 waiting for a clear sky. WO uniguider and WO 73A adjustable flattener fitted and set to 11.4mm.
  2. Hi Hadyn, I've just taken delivery of a 2019 ZS73, matching uniguider and 73A adjustable flattener. I've not really had a chance to try in anger yet due to this week's horrific weather. During a brief break in the clouds I did manage as far as taking a photo of the moon through an old Skywatcher eyepiece using a Samsung Galaxy S8. Visually it is lovely and sharp the Moon terminator standing out nicely. Build wise this a quality bit of kit, everything feels well made, the focuser feels silky smooth with no backlash. There's little in the way of manuals or decent descriptions on WO we
  3. This is impressive. Can you post acquisition data and processing please? I'm using a Nikon D5100 on my 130PDS/HEQ5 and would love to achieve the colours you've pulled out. I've just started experimenting with dithering and so far so good but stretching in PS is pulling out too much noise. I'm impatient for results as well which doesn't help Cheers
  4. I fitted the dew strap around the circumference. It's effective enough to keep the dew away and low cost too. ?
  5. I also have a 130PDS. I soldered together a resistor ladder type dew strap and fitted it around the front opening of the OTA and it works at treat. I control the temp using a PWM adjustable controller
  6. Hi Adam, If there are any left I'd like to take you up on your generous offer - 50mm Thanks
  7. BigRD

    New member

    Hi Alex, welcome on board. I'm in Stirling so not too far from you. I'll look out your lunar image in March's edition of S@N. Hopefully I'll get along to the Smith or Highland sometime. Clear skies, Roy
  8. I have the CG5 (EQ5 clone) with the stepper motor belt drive AstroEQ mod. It's good, and as other above have said it can be frustrating at times. If I had the choice I'd jump at an HEQ5 There's one with the Rowan belt mod on eBay at the moment £380 buy-it-now.
  9. Thanks Pete, I have to admit I missed this one visually think I was too busy setting my seat up to keep warm! Now I'm keen for more :-)
  10. I made my own dew strap which I tested in anger for the first time last night. It fits around the petal but doesn't protrude past the edge it worked fine last night it's just enough to keep that big lump of glass clear
  11. Thanks Ian. i know what you mean about the clouds if only they'd drifted a past Orion a little more. Below the frame is rooftops and a halogen security light hence the framing I picked. I've only just got the lens - early Santa On my Nikon the lens gives electronic exposure and focus feedback through the viewfinder. I use the live view zoom to zoom in on a bright star and take test images then frame up. I found that at F2.8 the stars aren't as sharp as I'd want and stopped down to f4. F2.8 is great for day light shots. F2.8 may be fine for Milky Way images. Oh and the colours really stan
  12. My first attempt at imaging a meteor and quite chuffed with the result. Broken cloud up until around 0030 then total cloud cover. Visually I spotted 9. Out of 110 frames this is the only meteor I captured and pity about those damn clouds covering Orion! Nikon D5100, Samgyang 14mm on a Star Adventurer, 40secs at f4, ISO800
  13. Thanks for drawing this up AstroMadd, with the exception of the pot I'm sure I have enough odds 'n ends to put this together just for the fun of it. Though probably still cheaper to buy from China
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