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  1. Auto guiding with a web cam

    I tried with the MS HD webcam. It was extremely frustrating! Sometimes I'd be able to find a star to guide with but found the camera sensor is just not sensitive enough and quite noisy, I wasted many nights trying. I would have been better taking shorter length exposures instead. I did manage to image Jupiter and the moon with it. In the end I bought a Altair Astro GPCAM2 IMX224 what a difference a decent, sensitive, low light sensor makes. Finding a star to guide with is just not an issue any longer plus I've used the camera for planetary and some deep sky with impressive result. I also use it in conjunction with Sharpcap's polar align tool to achieve excellent polar alignment every time.
  2. Thanks for posting. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go.
  3. EQ5 - CG5 Tripod leg and spreader plate

    Thanks Paul
  4. Hi all, bit of a long shot but does anyone have a spare leg and/or a leg spreader for a CG5/EQ5 tripod? The leg clamp on mine is broken can no longer be locked extended. Thanks for looking Roy
  5. Plus 1 for Sharpcap and its Polar align tool. Aligned in under 10 mins with excellent results every time........and it's £10 or free with new Altair Astro cameras.
  6. ST80 with guide rings was just too heavy for my EQ5 so I used a pice of 10mm thick nylon bar (light, strong and can be drilled and tapped) to fit across the top of my 130P-DS rings then fitted my 9x50 finder to that. I bought an adpater plate to fir my Altair Astro GPCAM2 to the finder. Guides very nicely with PHD2.
  7. EQ3 issues

    You can pop/pries the black altitude cap off and re glue it in the correct position once you've levelled and polar aligned. The part you've circled in red is for mounting a Dec motor. The angle of that bracket is parallel with the worm gear that the hand control is attached to. Fit your scope and turn it until it's horizontal using a spirit level, turn the Dec setting circle to 90 degrees, now turn your scope until the setting circle shows 0 you should now be vertical.
  8. Belt modded AstroEQ5

    Have a look at the AstroEQ project the original gear ratios are listed there. I fitted stepper motors with belt drive and the AstroEQ controlled via EQMod to my CG5 (EQ5) mount. It works very well. AstroEQ
  9. Bins ordered.....

    Happy Birthday. I also recieved these for my birthday in June. I also bought a 72" tripod with pistol grip - I'm very pleased with they're a great combination. The pistol grip came with 2 quick release plates for a quick change with my DSLR. Tripod and Pistol Grip During the brief clear sky on Saturday I was able to see Saturn and just make out the rings. Andromeda Galaxy was very clear. Enjoy.
  10. Celestron 15x70, just ordered

    The plastic mount does seem a bit flimsy but is fine with my lighter 10x50 binos. I bought this for the new 15x70s and glad I did, nice and sturdy, no flexing.......but don't over tighten! All I need now is dry weather and visability of the sky.
  11. gpcam2 and st80

    Have you tried changing the USB speed in Sharpcap or Altair Capture? I found with mine i was struggling to reach 2fps until I moved the USB speed slider to the middle setting then it increased to >25fps and >60fps using the ROI. I've now changed to using a 9x50 finder with suitable adapter as my guide camera and for polar alignment with Sharpcap 3. Polar alignment was the best I've managed yet and I'm picking up countless stars without any problems. I've also attached my GP2C to my reflector and successfully imaged jupiter using Altair Capture. The long light nights and poor weather have scuppered any chance of serious testing for now. Hope this helps
  12. Celestron 15x70, just ordered

    I also have a new pair of these. I was looking for something low cost but decent enough to use whilst my camera is fitted to my telescope. Early birthday present too but allowed to have them before mid June so we could take them on holiday...didn't even have to surrender them till my birthday :-) I also need something sturdy and tall enough so bought the Amazon Basics with Pistol Grip Head to go with them. A great combination. I've not had a chance to use them for stagazing yet other than a quick look at the moon, Jupiter and Ursa Major and first impressions are good. They've been impressive during the day too.
  13. Billetparts webcam adapter alternative ??

    If you have any spare old eye pieces similar to a Skywatcher 25mm you can use those too. I used one to fit the MS Lifecam after giving up trying to locate the Billetparts adapter.
  14. Hello from Glasgow

    Hello from Stirling