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AstroEQ for EQ mounts


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You should select the AstroEQ V4-DIY setting for the board - the other one is a custom one I made for my mount. This definitely wont make any difference as the two are exactly the same. But just in case that changes in the future.

In device manager, right click on 'Com3' and click properties. What does the 'Manufacturer' field display as? Also, on the 'Details' tab, find 'Bus reported device description' in the drop down menu. What does this say?

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I had this problem with the config running then not finishing off here is what Tom said in his correspondence to me..

Sometimes the config utility won't connect properly. If it does there is a dirty fix. Leave the config utility open (don't exit it). Then, while it is open and at the bit which says is can't connect, do the following:

Unplug the USB cable.

Unplug the power cable.

wait a few seconds.

Plug in the power cable.

Plug in the USB cable.

Once windows has redetected AstroEQ, continue using the config utility. If you are at the point setup screen and clicked done only to have it fail, there is a back button to return the setup screen. Click done again after doing the fix above and it should upload fine.

If you have started running the config utility, you need it to run all the way through, otherwise the AstroEQ firmware won't be downloaded and you won't be able to connect with CdC.

There is some software glitch in the config utility which I haven't gotten to the bottom of - there is nothing wrong with the AstroEQ board, and you won't ever see this glitch when using EQMOD.

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Debian is just as bad. I've spent the last 18 hours straight trying to get the print server on my NAS to actually print anything.

I always found Debian to be a bit too "right on" for me.  Ubuntu used to float my boat because it had a slightly more real world attitude to things that weren't open source, but then they went and ruined it with Unity and Gnome3.  These days I've gone a bit Minty and use their MATE (Gnome2 fork) version.


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