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  1. Thanks for your interest chaps but still looking to sell as a job lot
  2. Sorry,just looking to sell as a job lot at the moment
  3. Forgot to add the books,'Turn Left at Orion' and 'Make Every Photon Count'
  4. Due to to a combination of a change of shift pattern at work&a shoulder opI had last year Im reluctantly putting up my imaging setup for sale.It comprises of the following: 1. Ioptron ZEQ25GT with custom made CWs and extendable shaft,custom made pier head adapter with materials to make a DIY pier 2. SW 200PDS with rotating ring and secondary dew heater 3. Optistar AR80S Dual Speed 4. Modified Canon 350D with charger and battery 5. Astronomic CLS CCD 2" filter 6. SW Coma Corrector 7. Astronomiser 10m cable(for camera control) 8. QHY 5-II camera with guide scope adapter 9. Hotech Laser Collimator 10. Phillips SPC900(not in original casing) 11.DIY dew heaters and control unit 12.Bahtinov masks for both scopes Comes in a flight case and a few other bits and pieces that you see in the photos.I've attached a photo of The Witches Broom which i took with this setup,photoshop not being of of my best skills £1300 ovno
  5. Hi Andy,welcome to SGL,I'm just down the road in Radcliffe,if you want to bring the scope round maybe i can help etc?
  6. Haven't had my scopes out in over a year,shoulder op last December,working shifts etc and the weather hasn't helped
  7. Don't think the 350D will work on W8,heard people struggle with W7 64bit.BYEOS works with the 350D though
  8. Got any pics of your soldering Berkitos?
  9. Think you'll need the CLS-CCD filter but I'm not 100% certain
  10. According to this site it should be near Pleiades tonight and tomorrow http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/observing-news/spot-comet-lovejoy-tonight-122920141/
  11. BTW,there's new firmware out for the ZEQ25GT,includes new comets,Lovejoy etc
  12. Glad you got it sorted Dave,did iOptron send out a new motherboard?
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