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M97........almost but difficult with dslr


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Morning all, still at it and my heads not seen a pillow for thirty hours, here's my attempt at M97 The Owl Nebula.

After culling my data i only have 50 mins which is not nearly enough, i think this target, with my gear, needs a hell of a lot more, not even sure an un-modded will cut the mustard tbh.

Here it is though.


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Obviously getting to grips with your new setup there Ewan. Looks like you may be able to get some more data tonight.

I owe you one Freddie that's for sure, getting the hang of setting PHD up depending on where i am imaging & i think (fingers crossed) my PA routine is good, i posted this on a different thread Freddie but does it indicate good PA to you ?


The guiding goes a bit wacky sometimes but it may be vibration from me through my patio, i would imagine with my FL's it could be that sensative. I now set the remote release to start 20 secs after i go inside then leave it to run.

Quite a good night last night, 60 mins + on M101, 40 mins on M51 & the above added to, hopefully yes it will be clear & that will be a long time without any sleep but clear nights are few & far between i guess.

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