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Saturn on my C6

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C6 SCT, Neximage 5 no Barlow no binning.

15 FPS, 640 x 480.

This is the second night I have got good Saturn pics and the seeing hasnt been that good either.

Jupiter however has been much harder to capture I havent managed to get 1 shot of it yet that I am happy with.


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Yes there is some grain. Im wondering what I can do..

I have more data, several AVIs of 2000 frames each do you think it is worth joining them?

One thing I am doing that improves the colour (but increases noise) is streching the histogram in Registax


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Ok thanks 6 minutes should reduce gain.

PS histogram no good as it doesnt have the

Logarithmic scale option. When I switch this on in registax I can see where the pixels of the planet are mapped.

In photoshop I see just a big spike representing black pixels and nothing else.

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