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  1. So am I to understand if I go for a 32mm I will get less FOV but the image will be brighter than at 25mm?
  2. I have both a 2 inch and a 1.25 visual back. I assume the Plossl you mention has a FOV of 40 degrees?
  3. Can anyone suggest a reasonable EP for doing deep sky with a C6 SCT? What is the limit of how much FOV I can obtain with this scope? tx Dan
  4. I'm after as suitable Wide EP for my C11 that will do deep sky but also have some use on the C6. I'm thinking of something in the 82 degree range -i'm aware that both scopes will only show a max FOV of about 1 degree. Any suggestions? ty Dan
  5. Sorry about the long wait - I got one a couple of weeks ago. Overall I am happy with it. You get a lovely wide view - I haven't tried the moon yet (look forward to that) but Jupiter was fantastic though the C11 with it. I have used it in both a C6 and C11. It seems crisp and sharp to the edges. The negatives for me are that is I have to get my eye in exactly the right position to make it work or I get mild kidney beaning. So apart from this issue it's ok. No one else has had this problem so I must have been born with weird organic optics. I have just bought an ES 4.7 82 deg to give that a
  6. If you haven't got a laser pointer to put in the shoe use a Telrad if you have one. Should get you in the right ball park for the polar scope. r Danny
  7. well the deed has been done! In the end I thought I might as well give one a try and see for myself! Thanks for the tip to buy from TS in Germany that was the final thing that swung it as they are cheaper from TS. thanks everyone for your views and comments they were much appreciated. r. Danny
  8. Just thought too - I will probably need a ND filter for the Moon - any ideas which one I should use?
  9. I have a C11 SCT - up to now I have only really done planetary/moon imaging. I have a few plossl's and a zoom ep but i'm thinking of getting into the visual side of things. My viewing site isn't too dark either - it's near Heathrow airport! It's better than central London however. The site is to the north of Heathrow which is generally semi rural. I thinking of a wide field EP to look at the Moon and also nebs and other faint stuff, but primarily for the Moon. This ep is to get me started with visual. I have hear these wide angle EP give a great viewing experience. I have seen the Explore sc
  10. Have been toying with building something for remotely controlling the scope for some time. THe USB from web cam can be pushed over ethernet - the scope control box can be connected over the same to a computer running stellarium. Something to remotely focus the scope would be useful too. I would also have a remote cam set up to watch for scope collisions, just in case... r. Dan
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