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  1. Sounds good now you can repair others with the same problem. Al
  2. Nice work mate, I found the problem was the grub screws. Al
  3. Yeah I returned mine but came back the same, maybe they dont know the problem and how to fix it, anyway I found the problem and fixed it,,,,now no more binding. Al
  4. I had exactly the same problem so I sent it back for warranty repair, after 2 months it came back exactly the same, so I pulled it apart and found the problem and fixed it. Refer to page 20 my post 486 and read on. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/586532-new-skywatcher-az-gti-goto-wifi-mount/page-20
  5. Changed the clamp to a smaller one.
  6. Gavin the spacing diagonally is 28mm hole center to hole center and 19mm from hole center to hole center where your clamp is 20mm and a 6.5mm hole by the look of it. I found the clamps I had the predrilled holes were 25.5mm and drilled for 1/4” bolts. The AZ-GT I bolts are M4. Al
  7. I got the head only from Teleskop in Germany posted to Australia. Al
  8. I never liked the AZ-GTi saddle clamp so i removed the tin cover inside the clamp which revealed 4 screws, i removed them and the clamp then I dug out a saddle from the spare parts box, i had 3 but 2 had pre-drilled holes in the centre that didn’t line up with the AZ-GTi mount holes but the ADM saddle had no pre-drilled holes so i removed the AZ-GTi saddle and clamped it on the back of the ADM saddle and drilled 4 holes and i now need to go the the bolt shop on Monday and get the correct length bolts then countersink the holes,,,,,easy-peasy. Al
  9. I have both and nearly always use the iOptron and in your case using a “newt on the heavy side” as you say. Al
  10. Very much agree, I use one on my AZ-EQ6-GT and a iOptron Cube Pro and can borrow the handset from a friend so just wondering if it will work. Al
  11. Can or has anyone used a SkyFi controller connected to a handset or directly to the AZGTi Mount. https://www.skysafariastronomy.com/skyfi-3-professional-astronomy-telescope-control.html Al
  12. Just wondering if anyone is modding the SkyWatcher AZGTi mount for better performance. I have contacted DarkFrame twice but no response. Al
  13. I just received my new SkyFi 111 but never got a cable to connect it to my AZEQ6. I am not sure how it connects, does it connect to the hand controller or direct to the mount. I have a techy friend that can make a cable for me but he needs to know the correct wireing. I have emailed Simulation Curriculum Corp. to order one but being in Australia it will mean another 2 weeks. Does anyone know and can help please. Alan
  14. Had to return my AXGTi mount under warranty it had a tight spot slewing clockwise, also but not as much anticlockwise, you can hear it in the video. Ruediger from Teleskop Service in Germany never battered an eyelid, just send it back and they'll take care of it. https://vimeo.com/271383968 Al
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