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  1. ooohhh Carl, ever so passionate, ever so feeling
  2. I may be totally wrong Kalasinman, but you might be arguing with yourself .. a perfectly natural thing to do, an extremely good thing to do too ! All I could maybe add to your post, is ... You saying "There are valid theories that the universe is cyclic" .. valid in whos eyes though ?
  3. Most people DO NOT want to know their past. It's not their fault though JNB. Maybe do your darndest to extend your leniency (difficult as it is) ?
  4. DO NOT do ANYTHING to/with what you're panicking about 'ganymede12' Allow things to settle beforehand, allow time beforehand
  5. Why is it the Davey-T is the only one to have noticed ?????
  6. Could you elaborate on your question "what happens now" ? All we can do with such information is to modify/update our idea/model of how we as human beings are interpriting the universe as we see it.
  7. I guess mass/matters urges "too be togevva" are stronger than the universes urge to keep us apart (locally at least)
  8. Certainly not too old !!! Sounds like someone in your life has been trying to condition you into feeling entirely the wrong way about yourself and life in general As others have said, it's never too old to start, infact, never too old to start any interest in life you may have in years to come. So best never to think like that ever again SilientLee. Infact, quite the opposite, because by starting and taking new paths as you go through life can often make the whole experience far more interesting than it otherwise would be if you were to do the same old thing day in day out. There's an awful l
  9. I started out wanting to take photos and such like, but now just looking up and seeing the stars of all sizes and such like that may well be home to others is more than fascinating enough.
  10. I guess, in this particular instance, taking the direct short and fast and empty motorway route rather than the winding much more scenic country road route
  11. Doing everything right in the first place doesn't sound like it would leave any room for experience or learning or enjoyment in life ?
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