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Hello from sunny Manchester


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Hello everyone,

Been checking out your forums & decided they are very good & would like to join.

I,m in North Manchester & have an Orion optics SX150 newtonian, & an ETX 70 & 3 pairs of binoculars.

My first scope was bought for me by my dad at about 10 yrs old, a Greencat refractor from Argos (hence the handle).

I did a GCSE astronomy course with Todmorden astronomy center and got grade a.

Started the advanced astronomy course but then it got all mathematical on me so I gave that up.

I dont get out to a dark site as much as I should, but usualy go out in the back garden when its very clear, although there are too many street lights where I live.

I try to do a bit of astrophotograhy both 35mm & digital (nothing brilliant though).

Am currently waiting delivery of an Olympus E500 from Amazon to give it a try.

Anyway, shall keep browsing for time being & maybe chip in somewhere if I can help.


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[move][glow=red,2,300]Welcome to the Forum[/glow][/move]

Like the others have said feel free to chip in :clouds2: just looking at your setups the Orion optics SX150 newtonian is a great scope isnt it i have used one of those in the past(A friends)..

James :clouds2:

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Sunny Manchester? My Dad used to sing us a little song about Manchester:

Manchester's no place for me,

They've got rivers where the streets oughta be,

Gonna swap my car for a gondola,

'Cause it don't do nothin' but rain!

That was 50 years ago, don't know if they still sing that one.

You'll have fun here. Welcome aboard!

I took an astronomy course like yours, 40 years ago, and it gave me a good basis to build on. Although I only got a scope a few years ago, I've been interested in astronomy all my life. It's not just a hobby, somehow...

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