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Total Eclipse


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Haven't seen any total's but saw a couple of partials which were quite nice.

This is a selection of images taken as the sun rose (rose in mid eclipse), in June 2004. No filters with these... wouldn't recommend it though - you should always use a filter!


And this one from October 3rd 2005. Another partial. Taken through a 6" F/5 with a pentax EI2000 - reallt regret selling this camera!










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Got to see the August 99 one - AWESOME :wink: We went to Northern France, had to sleep in the car (no accommodation available), woke up early and stiff to find it raining :shock: So just drove until it cleared up (this was why we chose France, there was more opportunity). In the end we found a lane on top of a hill surrounded by cornfields with a great 360 view. Great watching, and more importantly feeling, the eclipse approaching. Then there was a 360 sunset, and then you could hear the wave of cheers coming nearer as totality passed over others and came to us. Diamond ring and Bailey's Beads were amazing. It was just awesome. When totality finished we just felt we had to have human company so walked along the road to where a dutch couple had been watching too. It didn't matter that we couldn't speak each others' languages!

Got the bug! We were due to go to Turkey last March for just an eclipse dash - out one day back the next - but at 4am in the airport hotel (due to fly at 7am) Mike collapsed with food poisoning and so we ended up in hospital rather than in Turkey :D We insisted that Jean went without us - she hadn't seen one before - so at least I got it secondhand via a mobile phone! She loved it too, and we're now looking at options for 2008 and 2009.


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I saw the 1994 annular eclipse that crossed southern Ontario. I took my kids out of school for the day, and we went to Fort Erie, right in the path of totality. We watched through the morning in some amateur equipment that had been set up, and by projecting the sun with my binoculars. Just before totality, clouds rolled in from the East, and as we were unencumbered by equipment, we scrambled in to the van and drove hell-bent for election down highway 3, and cleared the clouds just in time for totality.

We didn't get a lot of the effects associated with a true total eclipse, but it was weird to see the light which had the brightness of pre-dawn, but coming from high in the sky. I took the kids for an ice-cream after, and most people seemed totally unaware that anything was going on.

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Cornwall 99 - clouded out. Managed 1 partial shot through cloud on the way to the local scrumpy dispenser to drown our sorrows. Still an amazing experience.

2006 went to Libya - FANTASTIC - The old hands in the tour all recconed it was the best eclipse they had seen in 20+ years - includes the likes of John Mason and Nick James..

So overcome with the whole event that I did not realise that the sun/moon had drifted out of frame so did not catch the closing diamond ring :( saw it though ;):wink: :sunny:. Avatar is combination of some of the images - thanks to Steve B. for the processing

On thing that amazed us was the interest by the Libyans themselves - must have been 1/2m turned up. The organiser ( Brian McGee of Explores ) said that in the past they had turned up at remote locations and the locals wondered what all the fuss was about. The number of people meant that we did not reach our target location - turned out to be not a bad thing - massive camp site chopper landing site ( Col G. believed to have made a visit )

A truly amazing site there were around 1000 of us on the trip - Med cruise Crete to Libya - take in a couple of ancient sites then drive to Sahara for the Eclipse - 5hr each way more like 8 - setting up with simple rigs - mine 2 cameras on a tripod ,to the very sophisticated NE's 7 cameras EQ head comp driven etc. Scopes - you name it I am sure it was there. All around us were the Libyans - just enjoying the whole show - partying :D, driving round in 4x4s :nono:

Would like to go to another but cost will probably prohibit it.


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Went to Devon for the 1999 event. Completely clouded out. Sick as a parrot, never saw the eclipse, but experienced the awesome silence that accompanied totality. Also wondered why all the people on hundreds of boats were popping their flash cameras.

For all the disappointment, I enjoyed it immensely.

Ron. ;)

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i got to see the total eclipse of 99 in northern France.It was well worth making the extra jorney across the channel because i just thought the english waether wouldnt play ball.

I did the same. We were lucky. There was still some cloud cover, but I got to see totality.

Turkey '06 was just perfect. Now looking at options for '08 - see my thread in general observing.

Eclipses are simply stunning.

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'99, coast of Cornwall. Pretty much clouded out, but still very impressive to be there. Watching the horizon darken as the shadow crept toward us. The *way* it got dark was the most bizarre thing I remember. The cloud cover thinned briefly just after totality enough to see the thinnest sliver of sun I've ever seen.

Near Sutton-on-sea for the annular eclipse. On the coast again, hoping to get a shot of the eclipsed Sun rising over the sea but again it was cloudy.

Some years back a group of friends were planning on going over to Zimbabwe which was in the path of a total eclipse (I forget the year), or it was near there. That ended up falling through because shortly after we had the idea the political situation took a dramatic turn for the worse!

Seems I'm not destined to see an eclipse!

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