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Your Best moment of 2005


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Hi All,

The year is getting close to it's end... I was wondering what was your defining moment of 2005.

Mine was looking at the Moon for the first time through a Telescope. I remember standing back from the eyepiece and actually saying out loud 'No Way!'

I had another peek, and the child in me exploded. I phoned all my mates, my mum and dad and then knocked the tripod so hard with my excited. clumsy hands I had to spend 20 minutes finding the moon again!!! And this all occured at 2am!

2005 introduced me to astronomy, and this place. All in all I've had a cracking year.


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I'm galad you've had a good one Spud!

I suppose mine was when I found out the wife was preggers again- after the aggro we had getting the first one!!

Or was it the purchase of a 8" Newtonian Mmmmmmmmmmmm........... Tough one that!!


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Talking astro, I have only been observing proper for about a year and its been quite a ride:

First meteor shower

Seeing the Double Cluster and Wild Duck cluster - took my breath away

First view of mountains and valleys on the moon - the moon is now a place, not an object

Seeing Jupiter's moon Io cast its shadow on the planet surface - actually jumped on the spot with excitement

First time seeing colour when viewing Saturn and the Cassini division in the rings

First view of the Orion nebula - saw actual shape and detail

First saw nebulosity around Pleiades

First became an active member in an online astro forum

First Star party (next weekend)

Met Greg (Phattire) thru astronomy - his friendship, enthusiasm and dark-sky has been a God-send

... There are probably more but those are the ones that spring to mind,


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Astronomy Wise..

Like Russ the Views and images of Mars in October.

Fireball sighting in September

Stargazers Lounge Forum and the kindness towards me when i had a BAD time.. plus new friends here.

Getting the New Camera, HEQ5 Mount

Having two images on the Sky At Night Disc..

Getting better at Imaging and also ASTRO ART.


No Comment..

Sport, seeing Man City in the top half of the league :clouds1:

Overall a good Astro Year shame about what happened..

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- New 8" Scope

- Taking first images of Mars and Saturn

- Joining the very best on-line forum

- Becoming a mod of said forum

- First Star Party

- Realising I'm not the only nutter to stand outside on freezing nights!


- Two Tai Chi gradings in quick succesion

- Building (with a little help) my own conservatory

- Holiday in Turkey

S'about it I think.....

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Well i must say that the highlight of my year was the day i joined

Stargazers and soon after was promoted to moderator.

Yes I know it sounds sad but the rest of my year has been a bit

of a let down cos of all the not so nice stuff life throws at you.

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