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Baader Hyperion MKIII Zoom

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Back in stock as per emails from both FLO & Harrison Telescopes.

Just a quick question as i know they are a fair size, will they be ok on my 200p Dob? Will they be to heavy and if so will i need to counter balance?

Thanks Chris.

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I use this ep on my 200pds on an eq5 mount, tbh it don't seem too heavy to me. I do balance with it in if I'm using it ( which is most of the time ) but its never caused me any problems. I think you can get magnetic weights to stick on to counter with the dob too so not a problem you can't overcome. I have also had a quick go with a mates 150 dob and wasn't a issue on that occasion.

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Hmmm, nearly bought one of these from FLO, but stopped the order 'cos it was taking too long.

They do seem to have built up a good reputation though, so will be looking out for some more reviews soon before I might go for it probably in the new year though.

To be honest I don't really, really need (or can justify!) one of these just yet, but I can see how it could be useful as a quick grab 'n go sort of eyepiece.

By the way, however on another eyepiece-

Another 'Zoom' I can really recommend after using my new one the other night for the first time is the Antares Speers Waler II 5-8mm. Seems like very good quality viewing when used with the humble Tal 100 RS to look at Jupiter, even at 5mm (200x on the Tal - quite high magnification for this scope, eekk!) the view given was nice and contrasty and the bands quite clear to see. I guess the seeing conditions were fairly good that night, which helped of course, but it's another ep to keep in mind albiet quite an expensive one!!


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